A Motorcycle Service Manual in Your Dash? A Look at the Motus MST’s All-Glass Cockpit

07/23/2013 @ 1:50 pm, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS


This weekend at MotoGP’s Red Bull US Grand Prix at Laguna Seca, I stopped by the Motus ten to give Lee Conn and Brian Case some grief, and to see how the production-ready Motus MST was looking. The bikes looked similar to their prototype form from two year’s ago, with obviously more fit-and-finish in the overall design. One of the big changes I noticed though was that Motus has dropped the industry standard analog tach and LCD speedo for an all-glass cockpit design.

Going the same way as the Mission Motorcycles Mission RS, Motus Motorcycles has put a multifunctional LCD dash on the Motus MST which not only makes for a cleaner design, but also adds some cool new features for two-wheeled enthusiasts. Every time I talk to Lee, he comments on how tuner-friendly the MST is for owners, so unsurprisingly one of the features of the LCD dash is the on-board service manual. Need to adjust the chain? There’s an app for that.

Navigating through the systems is noticeably easier with the ATM-style eight-button layout (there’s a joke about the MST’s $30,975 price tag in there somewhere), which is infinitely easier to use than the electronics packages provided by say Ducati or Aprilia, though I still think the touchscreen-equipped Mission R takes the cake. It’s still a cool feature though, and shows that up-start companies like Motus are helping bring the motorcycle industry inline with the advances made so far in the 21st century.



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  • Alex

    What happens when you need to unplug the battery during service, or replace the screen iteslf?

    I assume this is for basic service work.

  • Matt

    Is this 1994? And is that powered by a Sega Genesis?

  • http://www.living-intentionally.com/ Trane Francks

    “Going the same way as the Mission Motorcycles Mission RS, Motus Motorcycles has put a multifunctional LCD dash on the Motus MST which not only makes for a cleaner design, but also adds some cool new features for two-wheeled enthusiasts.”

    Pr0n during rush hour!?

    Sowwy. I couldn’t help myself. :)

  • Richard Gozinya

    Neat stuff. I wonder who they farmed that out to.

  • http://twoversion.com alex

    This bike is turning into one big stereotypical joke about dumb americans – that seriously looks like tech from a 1995 fishing boat – at that price you have to figure the custom can afford an idevice – why reinvent the wheel when they could have partnered with mapecu or mobiquirt, GaugeFace, maxxecu or any number of other digital ecu interfaces and readouts.

    Wait what am I talkin about I gotta go git me some chaw and head down to isky cams for a new “grindin” and some new spark plug wires and some prolong at my local oreileys.

    They should have just bought the manufacturing rights to the C1 from Motoczyzxzyzxyxz and the scehmatics for iphone dash they came up with last decade.

  • Tony

    Looks great. If you are going to spend big coin on this bike you want a proper multifunctional dash and this seems more than adequate, albeit a bit small.
    If this bike gets reasonable fuel economy it will be an awesome sport tourer.

  • Gonzo

    They spent money on a game console instead of bringing it to market with direct Injection?


  • BrianZ

    @Alex-re:battery issue: not going to be a problem with their newly developed dilithium crystal based battery.

  • Richard Gozinya


    I’m not sure how it’ll get anywhere near decent fuel economy. It’s a big engine that makes a lot of power. At best it’ll probably get 40 mpg. And that’s if you’re being gentle with it. Another reason to not get your hopes up, they’re not bragging about fuel economy. If they had something decent in that department, they’d be talking it up, unless they just really don’t get the current market.

  • http://www.living-intentionally.com/ Trane Francks

    “It’s a big engine that makes a lot of power.”

    Perhaps, but at 1650cc and only 160BHP, the engine in its lower-tuned form is dramatically understressed. There’s really little reason why the MST shouldn’t offer quite decent mileage. The MST-R might be a different story, but when you’re under 100 HP/litre, there’s really no reason not to do well in the economy dept. anymore.

  • Brian J

    I want one thing on my new bikes. A H.U.D. It’s 2013 guys, time to stop with all the heads down gauges.