Official: Yamaha Returns to World Superbike for 2016

09/22/2015 @ 11:42 pm, by Jensen Beeler17 COMMENTS


An announcement that has been expected for quite a while now, Yamaha is officially returning to the World Superbike Championship for the 2016 season.

The news comes after nearly a season of competition for the Yamaha YZF-R1 in other classes, which has seemingly given Yamaha Motor Europe the confidence to support a factory team in the premier production racing series.

Helping Yamaha in that endeavor will be the experience WSBK outfit of Crescent Racing, who will run the day-to-day operations of the team, while Yamaha Racing develops the racing platform and strategy.

Yamaha’s return is already well-formed, as both Sylvain Guintoli and Alex Lowes will be riding for the factory team. Additionally, Yamaha Racing has already secured PATA as the team’s title sponsor.

“This is a very exciting moment for us as we eagerly wait to return to the top level of Superbike competition next year after an absence of four years,” said Yamaha Motor Europe Chief Operating Officer, Eric De Seynes.

“Having re-written the Supersport rule book and changed the game with the new YZF-R1, directly developed from Yamaha MotoGP technology, it was clear we would need to return to the World Superbike Championship to show the full potential of our new Superbike machine.”

“We took one year to grow experience with the new R1 in many other championships where the bike has shown its potential already, with the amazing 8H of Suzuka victory and the very positive results that our official Teams are gathering all around Europe.”

“Now we are ready to be back on the world stage and I am happy we have found in Crescent the same values of professionalism, engineering detail and passion for victory we share,” De Seynes concluded.

Source: Yamaha Racing

  • Mitchel Durnell

    Good looking bike in all race trim. If I was a new R1 owner I’d be ringing up the glass makers asking for a lower that looks like that.

  • michaeldorian

    Exactly. This and the 50th graphics make the bike. The stock graphics makes the bike look really big and bulky.

  • not the race bike though. that swing wing arm needs changing to the 09 upside down.

  • And what of Beaubier? Perhaps he should move to BSB and the second Milwaukee Yamaha seat. Or is there a second WSB team planned?

  • Some big news here that can be extracted from this article.

    1. No Marco Melandri
    2. Puni is gone
    3. Pata is changing their sponsorship from Honda which they’ve had for years
    4. Crescent Racing has been synonymous with Suzuki as well.

    Those are some big changes.

  • Superlight

    I believe Sharkskinz makes the better-looking bodywork for the US superbike effort.

  • grahluk

    I predict Yamaha gets very respectable results in 2016 and a good run of the title for 2017.
    Whither Honda? Wither Honda?

  • grahluk

    That is quite a key puzzle piece fitting in there. Melandri & Depuniet are in career limbo. I fear for Van Der Mark on that Honda though. Ducati’s looking really good now, Kawasaki is continuing strength, and Aprilia is still no mug to ignore. Suzuki & Honda are in deep doo doo in WSBK.

  • Ryan Donahue

    Likely, until Honda decides to release a new Fireblade.

  • Sylvain Guintoli and Alex Lowes these are good racer, too good in fact. the problem is their gonna steal from each others points.

  • gwnters

    Hello there!!!!!!
    Given PATA is sponsoring VR46 and his SKY|VR46 Team and its presence in Paddock and Events in MotoGP, coupled with the failure of Honda in WSBK, this means now PATA can support Yamaha Factory MotoGP effort.

  • Van Der Mark is destined for bigger things. Someone will scoop him up in MotoGP.

  • He’ll be in his prime right about the same time as the new Honda superbike debuts.

  • TwoWheelLoo

    Lowes is young and a huge talent, now given great machinery I think he’ll be up there in 2016. I’d rather have had Melandri or Laverty on that team… Hopefully Suzuki and Honda will see this as a wake up call for their road machines but they’re up in the clouds with the GP efforts.

  • Roasted Piglet

    Do you know something you are not telling us, or just predicting that Honda has to update the current Fireblade at some point?

  • Just predicting that Honda won’t reach the 10-year mark with the current CBR1000RR.

  • MM

    Honda have to update the Fireblade next year, as from 2017 bikes have to run the standard road throttle bodies, and cable throttle bikes (like the current ‘Blade) run kit RBW throttles which will be disallowed.