The 2014 World Superbike calendar has been updated once again. The South African round of WSBK has been canceled, after the Phakisa Freeway track failed homologation. Work was being carried out on the circuit to allow it to meet requirements, but the work will not be finished on time.

Dorna and the FIM are looking at finding a replacement for the dropped South African round, but at such short notice, and with attendance at WSBK events being disappointing, that will be difficult.

While the South African round was canceled, the Qatar race was confirmed. The racing at Qatar is to be held at night under the floodlights, just as MotoGP is.

As this is also the last round of the season, the traditional awards ceremony will also be held in Qatar, though it will be held on the Monday after the race, rather than very late at night.

The cancellation of the South African round does not have direct consequences for the World Superbike championship chase, but it could have an effect for World Supersport.

With just three rounds to go now, Pata Honda rider Michael van der Mark has a 53-point lead. That means that the Dutchman needs to score just 2 more points than Jules Cluzel, the man in second place, to clinch the title.

Photo: © 2014 Tony Goldsmith / TGF Photos – All Rights Reserved

This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.

  • Yeeha! Stephen

    Move it to Circuit of the Americas!
    Visit Texas ya’ll!

    Yeeha! Stephen

  • smiler

    Well seeing as Porsche SA have just purchased Kyalami, it would be great to see a round with spactators there rather than another racing event at Qatar with no one there.

    Surprised Dorna have not announced another round in Spain to replace it. Give a few more days.

  • Smiler, you need a new schtick. This one has gotten old.

  • Porsche’s just built the largest DUCATI showroom in the world in South Africa. So lets hope they kick ass at Kyalami – love to ride up route 62 through the Klein Karoo from Cape Town with my crew for that event //

    Stunning ride!

  • Justaguy

    I wonder how long Qatar will be ‘allowed’ to host international racing events.

    South Africa, which I grew up thinking of as a bastion of the international racing scene, eventually was dropped because of the “I ain’t gonna play Sun City” activists rallying against apartheid.

    Qatar is accused of being a supporter of terrorism, not to mention the entire Middle East being a cluster-F. World Cup is realizing that Qatar isn’t Barcelona or Berlin and all it takes is a campaign by activists of the XYZ group to bombard the media with “I ain’t gonna ride Losail” and ‘poof’, gone.