No Compensation for Lost World Superbike Rounds

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The loss of the South African round of World Superbikes, when the safety improvements to the Welkom circuit could not be completed in time for homologation, meant that the WSBK calendar had lost two rounds from its 2014 calendar, with both South Africa and the Moscow Raceway event having been scrapped.

Two rounds meant the loss of two World Supersport races and four World Superbike races, a total of 50 points for WSS and 100 points for WSBK.

The loss of those points left both championships much closer to being decided. Tom Sykes leads the World Superbike championship by 44 points with 150 points still at stake, while Michael van der Mark is even closer to the World Supersport championship, leading Jules Cluzel by 53 points with just 75 points left.

The teams, but most especially the riders, felt that they had had a chance to try to reopen the championship races taken away from them.

Dorna, the teams, the manufacturers and the FIM tried to find a solution to this quandary. Various proposals were made, including adding an extra round at another track, adding extra races on the existing three weekends left, and scoring double points at one of the last rounds.

Finding a track willing and able to host a round of World Superbikes at very late notice was a non-runner from the start, leaving only an extra race or extra points.

Today, the Superbike Commission, WSBK’s governing body, announced that the teams, factories and Dorna had failed to come to an agreement over proposals to compensate for points.

The teams and manufacturers rejected the proposal from Dorna to hold an extra race at the final round of WSBK in Qatar. No agreement could be arrived at to compensate in other ways, such as extra points.

This means that the final three rounds of World Superbike will be run as projected. WSBK will visit Jerez on 7th September, Magny-Cours on 5th October, with the final round of the series being held under the floodlights at the Losail circuit in Qatar, on 2nd November.

How many rounds there will be in 2015 remains to be seen. The 2014 season was largely dictated by contracts signed with World Superbikes’ previous owners, the Flammini brothers and InFront Motor Sports. 2015 will be the first year in which many of the contracts will fall free for Dorna to negotiate themselves. A provisional calendar is not expected until much later this year.

Source: WorldSBK

This article was originally published on MotoMatters, and is republished here on Asphalt & Rubber with permission by the author.

  • Sander

    To bad. But who cares?
    Due to the stupid broadcasting rights no one can watch it annyways

  • Rob

    I care. Anyone who follows WSBK cares, it’s two less races we get to see and two less races for the championship to open up. Sure the broadcasting thing is a bummer, but I’ve never been happier than to pay my yearly subscription to WSBK.COM and watch it there whenever I want, in HD with no commercials.

  • Andres

    I care too!

  • JS

    The WSBK championship is looking more and more a pale shadow of it’s once glorious self. With KTM choosing MotoGP over superbikes and Aprilia looking like it will close up shop to go all in with GP’s and more riders wanting to leave it doesn’t look good for World Superbikes.

    Tom Sykes full bore on the Kawasaki is a sight to behold but will more title wins in a rather sad looking championship mean so much anymore?

  • KSW

    And with Qatar funding ISIS why is anyone racing there? The slavery and human rights issues in the entire region can only make anyone with a soul be less than excited about Qatar/Dubai but I guess if it’s just money you’re interested in who cares. Great Tracks the world over will soon go away because as we know Bridgepoint isn’t interested in paying to use someone’s house nor the history and world of racing. They care about $$$$. Pay that outrageous online fee’s folks and support the bastards. Everyone walk away from Bridgepoint for one year and it will soon change.

  • paulus

    Another blow for motorcycle racing.
    I wonder how sponsors are affected and are potentially compensated…

  • Damn

    Dorna’s work paid off. incredible work btw. if you hate the sport…….

    glad no extra points for the last round……because sykes would only add more points with his wins!!!
    Go sykes!!!

    And with MotoGP they also did a great job. all the hocuspocus with 5 engines a year and electronics so expencive even bill gates cant effort.