Broventure Update – Day Two: A Little Late

09/06/2013 @ 2:45 pm, by Jensen Beeler13 COMMENTS


It is a good thing that Tim has roughly a decade of experience in what can be only described as my “lucid understanding regarding the passage of time.” Or to put it another way, when on Thursday morning I said, “I want to be on the road by 8am,” what I really meant was 11am…ehh, maybe 11:19am. So much for our early start out of Las Vegas, and any hope of avoiding the brain frying heat, but our spirits were high, and ultimately, our timetable is self-imposed.

Getting on the road, the miles went by considerably fast…as least as fast as they can when it is again 104 degrees outside. Despite this though, we just couldn’t overcome the setbacks created by our late departure. Instead of the 270 miles to Bryce Canyon, we had to settle for a much shorter 180 mile trip to Zion — not that we are complaining though.

Coming out the beautiful canyons in Arizona, along I-15, we crossed into Utah. We quickly diverted our route to a town called Hurricane, and onto State Route 9, which true to reports, was absolutely picturesque. If we hadn’t been under pressure to get into the Zion and get a campsite before they filled up, we easily could have spent a couple hours photographing the ten miles or so to the park entrance. Our rush was probably unnecessary, as the post-Labor Day crowds were non-existent in the park, but another long-day and ride into the night wasn’t something Tim or I cared to repeat.

After grabbing food from the local market, and setting up camp, I made my way back out to SR-9 in hopes of catching some of those missed shots, along with some aspiration that the sun setting against the mesa walls would provide even more spectacle. I was wrong in that endeavor, just as I was wrong about the balance point on the BMW R1200GS.

You see, while perfecting what I am sure will be the next great photography style while mounted on motorcycle (helmet and gloves still on), I shifted my weight to abruptly and tipped the GS over to the ground. The cylinder heads show a bit of bruising for my efforts in photography, but those marks are nothing compared to the bruises on my ego. Tim isn’t likely to let me forget it anytime soon as well.

Getting our first night under the stars, the weather is still hot and slightly humid. That is all supposed to change though, as cold and rainy weather awaits us. It sounds refreshing now, but like the rain in Mojave, we know it can be its own curse.








Photo: © 2013 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & RubberCreative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • paulus – Thailand

    Looks great!
    Remember, if the bars didn’t touch down it not an ‘off’. ;)

    Advice on reducing the amount of heat experienced… start riding 15 minutes before sun up. Late morning starts are draining.


  • TexusTim

    Nice.looks like fun…any word on how the WSBK ducati test went with nicky hayden ???..thanx

  • my God man what is that you have in that red bag on the back of your bike does that expand in to a 2bed room home some thing? Lol You are going to get WET I just came back from around where your going the rain felt good tho. and don’t worry about the heat you’ll get used to it I live and ride in it every day. any way good luck have fun ride safe.

  • KSW


    I know Jens will sleep anywhere for a story as I’ve been at the Isle of Man TT and he had not even a room.
    I’m betting its a 4 man tent and king size air mattress with more clothes then necessary.
    Jens send me the raw files when you get back and I’ll make them look amazing for the BroVenture Book. : )

  • gabe

    Already dumped the bike? who are you, Wes Siler? bwahaha

    Living vicariously through these reports

  • David

    WTH……you guys can’t get your ass going before 11AM!

    And then you can’t even knock out 270 miles to try and stay on schedule?

    So you settle for a measly 180 mile day. That’s nothing.

    You fooled me all this time. Your actually a photog/journalist and NOT a motorcycle rider.

    But that’s okay……you at least are making an effort at a motorcycle adventure. I give you credit for that.

    Just change the title to……N00B Broventure……please.

    Still…..I’m enjoying the updates.

    Good luck out there…..but please… pics of the monkey butt!…..if you happen to actually ride further than 200 miles in one day. :)

  • Even in the great outdoors, we still encounter “that guy” on the internet. Glad you’re enjoying the trip updates David, it makes all the extra work/gear seem worthwhile.

  • itksome

    Not to be “that guy” on the interwebs or anything but my wife is up and ready 5hrs before you when we go camping.

    And she puts on makeup!

    Anyway, keep up the good work. And be sure to check out Valley of the Gods. I had it all to myself in the Fall, back in 1988.

  • nerve

    Valley of the Gods +1

    Arches is spectacular, but Mesa Verde was even more of a mind trip. Anasasi were sophisticated people.

    I love the United States, next time i’ll hire a bike.

    Enjoy the trip mr W , and be safe !

  • nerve

    mr B, is what i meant ;)

  • Andrei

    LOL! You guys are goofy. Nice job at dumping the GS… I moved to the Mormon state more than a decade ago from San Diego and this only confirms my opinion that these guys are hogging the prime real estate… :-) Utah really is an incredible place to ride…

    Make sure you hit HWY 12. And if you have some time in the future, hit up Mote Cristo Rd… 55 miles of Rad that puts Palomar and anything in Borrego in the sorry closet… :-)

  • Peter D

    I don’t get this fixation on high mileage days as making it a true adventure ride. I recently took my SuperTen on a loop through WA-ID-WA. On two of the days I did 350-400 miles per; two of the days I did much less.
    On the longer distance days I kept riding by places that looked interesting but said nah I’ve got to keep going to point B. On the shorter mileage days, I actually made some turnoffs and explored a few nooks and crannies (and got dirt on my tires) . Guess which days I enjoyed the most? Does that not make me a real motorcycle adventurer?

  • “That Guy”

    Looking forward to day 3 and seeing how your thin skin is holding up to the torture of this Broventure. :)

    Seriously…..enjoying the updates and the pics.