Broventure Update Day Eight – All Good Things…

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All good things must come to an end, and so too must this Broventure. Our travels have forged our buttocks into iron, impervious now to the long days in the saddle; our minds have been steeled against the lonely nature of navigating the back roads of America; and our road beards prevent us from stopping within 500 feet of an elementary school — talking to members of the opposite sex has been proven to be difficult as well.

Our bodies show that we have gone to Moab and back, and along the way we took in many of the breath-taking sights that the Southwest has to offer. We traded in our track leathers for some ADV gear, and tipped our toe into the off-roading waters — there is a reason this site is called Asphalt & Rubber, but this whole dirt thing is starting to look appealing as well.

There isn’t much to report about our journey from Las Vegas to Santa Barbara, the highway route is 350 miles long, and this time around was fairly uneventful. By the time we reached Santa Barbara, the BMW topped 2,352 miles on its tripmeter, while the Yamaha showed just over 2,400 miles.

These final miles though were spent thinking about the previous ones: all the parks we had seen, all the routes we had ridden, and of course our small adventure in Moab.

I have some 800 photos to sift through, which I can now finally edit on my laptop, rather than with my iPad, and while Tim and I digest the trip, I’m sure we will have some writings of retrospect to share with our loyal A&R readers who have been following along on our trip.

Talking about this endeavor over lunch, Tim and I recognize things we would do differently next time around: skipping certain stops in favor of spending more time at others, staying at motels vs. the “camping” we did in the parks, and of course all the other trails we rode past that we would like to go back and explore.

I think we both agree though that we wandered outside our comfort zone, and tried a form of this sport that we both have no background in, which has only fueled the desire to ride further into the wilderness, of which America has plenty to offer.

All good things must come to an end, but that doesn’t mean you can’t start anew. Until next time.


Photos: © 2013 Tim Hoefer / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0