Here is the Zero SR/S, Before You’re Supposed to See It

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Zero Motorcycles has been actively trying to quash publications and channels from showing you this promo video for their upcoming Zero SR/S sport bike, but since Asphalt & Rubber is still on double-secret probation with Zero, we have no problem sharing this leaked video a week before its launch.

Of note for two-wheeled fans is that this video gives us the full monty on how the new Zero SR/S looks, which mostly means that we get to see what a full fairing looks like on the SR/F platform.

For those just tuning in, broke the story on the full-fairing SR/S model last year, and even brought you the first photo of the Zero SR/S as it was testing on the streets near Santa Cruz, so we already had a pretty good idea of what to expect from the Californian brand.

Mechanically to that end, the SR/S seems to be pretty much identical tot he SR/F naked bike, which isn’t too surprising. Zero quotes a larger seat (especially for a passenger) as well as higher bars and lower pegs, with the focus clearly on having more touring comfort.

This makes the Zero SR/S more of a Ducati Supersport type of bike than a Panigale, and the bike’s fairing seems to be an homage to that iconic 1990s motorcycle (less so to the 21st century rendition).

With 82 miles of range coming from the claimed 14.4 kWh batter pack on the SR/F (it’s actually 12.6 kWh, nominal), we don’t expect the Zero SR/S to get you too far down the road on a charge, though it would seem that the fairing adds some efficiency to the design, which might make highway range estimates just above 90 miles.

Brakes, suspension, chassis, and motor all seem the same on the SR/S from the SR/F, so we would expect a similar price tag coming from Zero Motorcycles. Expect something north of $20,000 MSRP, when the bike officially debuts next week.

As for the new fairing, what say you? We find it a bit bland to be honest, but you can form your own opinion in the screen grabs below.

Source: Motorcycle Dreams (YouTube)