Rossi Decision Expected at Catalunya

06/30/2010 @ 6:25 am, by Jensen Beeler6 COMMENTS

News regarding Valentino Rossi is at a fever pitch, as it is expected the Italian rider will announce at the Catalan GP his intentions on where he will race in next season. For weeks, if not months now, Rossi has been linked to a very lucrative €15 million deal with Ducati Corse, while Fiat-Yamaha have reportedly scaled back their offer on the GP Champions from his current €14 million salary to €9 million.

Paddock gossip has said that Rossi has been considering both offers; however, at Barcelona we should finally know the answer to what team Rossi has picked, but some sources are already claiming they know the answer.

Perhaps the most emboldened is MCN, who says for certain that Rossi will ride for Ducati, after negotiations with Fiat-Yamaha broke down in the final hour. However, who also cites a team insider, hedges their bet, saying that speculation is more rumor than fact. Whether one can believe the Rossi to Ducati news, virtually all sources across the board say we will know all at Catalunya in a couple day’s time.

If Rossi does go to Ducati, Ben Spies is expected to get the nod, and be moved up from the Monster Tech 3 Yamaha team to the factory supported Fiat-Yamaha garage. Spies would then play second fiddle to Jorge Lorenzo, who has reportedly secured a doubling of his salary to €8 million.

While he is no Rossi, Lorenzo has proven himself to be a GP Champion in the making. Last year he pushed teammate Rossi to the brink as they vied for the Championship title, and this year he is the clear favorite with Rossi out of the picture. With the two riders virtually on par with each other on the same machinery, it will be interesting to see if Rossi can keep pace on the allegedly inferior Ducati GP11 if he switches teams next season.

We still think it’s too close to call regarding where Rossi will land in 2011, but with GP racing only a few days away, we won’t have long to wait on this one. Stay tuned race fans.

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  • Jake

    If this is true then Rossi just continues to loose my respect. If he were leaving Yamaha for Ducati looking for a challenge or simply because an Italian on an Italian was dream that is one thing. But for the petty reasons that are being stated…..I’d expect more from a rider of his stature

    First he complains because everyone assumes a big reason he is successful is because of his equipment. He gets the good stuff while others don’t. So now he is able to prove that wrong, but racing and beating a good rider who has the same equipment and he cries about it.

    Never complained about tires when he had the best and no one else did, but once Bridgestones moved to the front………

    Also for him to expect Yamaha not to pay Jorge more after winning a title is stupid. To think Yamaha shouldn’t plan for the future is also stupid. Before any Rossi fans start about Yamaha not being loyal to Rossi, that is just BS. They have done and given him everything he needed to be successful. And gone out of their way to show him that they value and respect him as a person, rider and part of Yamaha history. For Rossi to think the only way Yamaha can be loyal to him is to risk their future is well……stupid.

    No he isn’t Rossi, but Jorge has proven to be the first rider to really push Rossi straight up with no excuses. People don’t give Stoner credit for his title and wins because “he had the best bike and Rossi didn’t”…well you can’t say that for Jorge. Rossi wanted a wall and got it. Wanted communication cut, got that too. Jorge just went along and did was he has done. Good on him.

    I was never a big fan of Jorge, but he has won my respect for the way that he has carried himself, while Rossi continues to lose mine for the way that he’s been acting the last few years

  • Peter

    It’s not just for the money. As stated in this article:

    Rossi makes the majority of his money from endorsements and such. Rossi is one of the highest paid athletes in the world. You think a couple million Euros is really going to sway him?

    While Lorenzo is a good rider, the Rossi/Burgess team is so much better. They developed the M1 what it is today, the same bike that Lorenzo rides.

    Personally, I think Rossi will move to Ducati because he wants a clean start with a bike that no one has been able to really master. As long as Ducati lets them, Rossi and Burgess will be able to develop another winning bike and another Championship. Probably not in 2011, hopefully in 2012.

  • eze1976

    Rossi & his team developed the M1 to what it is today. He is one of the few riders at his level that can do this. If it was true about the salary sack from Yamaha then yeah he should bounce. Yes its a business call (future being lorenzo) but when the world wants rossi you listen.

    Honestly speaking, I hope Rossi on a Ducati takes it all and leaves yamaha for dead. Can Spies go anywhere at the end of the season?

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  • joe

    Rossi on a Duc sounds great, hope it goes great. Ending his career with that marquee could certainly benefit both. If he races and doesn’t win on a Duc, it mars his legacy, if he wins he may be the only rider ever to win at the top level on so many different machines. I just hope he doesn’t leave to full time rally. I’ll never get that on speed tv.