Triumph Has Two 660cc ADV Models Coming Down the Pipe

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It was just a handful of days ago that we got to see the Triumph Trident 660 motorcycle make its world debut – with the value-focused three-cylinder roadster looking like a very strong candidate for the middleweight category.

Now, news out of India sees the British brand is set to follow-up the Trident 660 with two adventure-styled models. One is a more off-road focused, while the other fits better in the adventure-sport category.

If these ADV bike are anything like their roadster sibling, then they should be a blend of value and performance, which could help dump more fuel on the fire in the middleweight category – especially in the dual-sport sector.

We say this because our initial analysis of the Trident 660 was that Triumph has managed to build a potent motorcycle, with a price tag that is below $8,000. 

Despite a price tag that could give the class-leading Yamaha MT-07 a run for its money, Triumph manages to pack a number of features into the Trident 660 that you would normally see on bikes that are significantly more expensive – like say, the Aprilia RS 660.

Triumph does this by cutting corners in interesting places, like on the brakes package on the Trident 660, which are mounted conventionally, not radially (thus using cheaper calipers and forks).

We would expect to see a similar move from Triumph on these two ADV models as well, where strategic items come from the bargain basement.

The core package of the bikes however – the chassis and three-cylinder engine that shares a chromosome or two with the last 675cc power plant – is likely to remain strong, while budget-focused components will be used to lower the price tag.

This creates an easy entry point on price for would-be buyers, but also leaves some easy upgrades for Triumph to offer along the way (or to be filled by the aftermarket). In this space, it is a bit of a win/win.

All that being said, when could we see these 80hp machines is up for debate. Our guess would be this time next year. Stay tuned.