Aprilia RS 660 Priced at $11,300 for the United States

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Last week, we got news that the Aprilia RS 660 would cost €11,050 in the European market, which gave us some idea on what to expecting for pricing in North America…or so we thought.

In our analysis, we figured on a price tag in the low $12,000 range, but now Aprilia has proven us very wrong.

Releasing pricing for the 2021 Aprilia RS 660 this morning, the Italian brand has done a bit of a shocker, announcing a $11,299 MSRP for the Aprilia RS 660.

The company has also released a final wet weight for the middleweight twin: 403 lbs fully fueled and ready to go ride.

When combined with the bike’s quoted 100hp figure at the crank, it makes the Aprilia RS 660 the best middleweight twin on the market, in terms of power-to-weight ratios.

Whether that is worth the price premium that the machine commands over its competition remains to be seen, but that cost does get you fully adjustable suspension, radial brakes, and a very robust electronics package that makes use of a six-axis IMU.

Taking bookings now for the RS 660, Aprilia says that the first models will arrive before the end of the year, and that all customers wanting a machine can have one in the early months of 2021.

We can also expect that the Aprilia Tuono 660 is not far behind, and that details on the Aprilia Tuareg 660 will be released in the coming weeks, making it a busy time of the year for Aprilia’s new motorcycle platform.

Source: Aprilia USA