Aprilia RS 660 Priced at €11,050 for Europe, But What About the USA?

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The Aprilia RS 660 is now officially available in Europe, after much teasing, hype, and waiting.

And because of that long wait, and bevy of information reveals, there isn’t too much that we don’t already know about this midsized twin-cylinder sport bike. But, we have long been waiting to hear what the machine would cost.

Today, that answer is finally here, and in Europe the 2021 Aprilia RS 660 will cost €11,050, while in the United Kingdom, pricing in pounds of sterling will be set at £10,149.

This is a very aggressive pricing structure from Aprilia on the RS 660, and we expected as much.

The 100hp full-fairing sport bike, features an engine that is basically half of what’s found on the RSV4 superbike, and it includes a full electronics suite that is IMU-powered.

The true power of the Aprilia RS 660 though was its promise to bring all these features and performance for a reasonable price.

Considering today’s news, that seems to be mission accomplished for the Italian brand.

But, what does this mean for the United States? There is no official word yet on pricing, but Europe’s announcement does give us a hint at what to expect in North America.

If we were looking at a pure currency conversation pricing scheme for the 2021 Aprilia RS 660, then €11,050 would work out to be roughly a $13,000 MSRP.

That is a somewhat reasonable price, thoug on the high-end of what we have been expecting from the Italian motorcycle. 

But, pricing in the United States with European manufacturers is rarely as cut and dry as simply converting one price tag into another on the currency exchange.

For instance, the Aprilia RSV4 Factory in Europe sells for  €25,040, but in the USA the price tag is $25,499.

If a pure currency conversion was at play here, we would be looking at $30,000 RSV4 bikes sitting on dealership floors, not $25,000 bikes, which is what makes this process so interesting (and difficult).

Similarly, we can see that the Italian pricing for the Dorsoduro 900 is set at €9,730 (which is roughly $11,500 in conversion), but in the USA the price is a little bit less than expected, at $11,000 MSRP.

As we can tell from the two cases provided by the RSV4 and Dorsoduro, it is not always a uniform discount or pricing structure for brands going from country to country.

How does this help us determine the price of the Aprilia RS 660? Well, it seems unlikely that we will see the $5,000 discount that comes with the RSV4 carrying over, but the $500 price cut on the Dorsoduro 900 does seem more in the ballpark.

Considering that Aprilia has high hopes for the 660 lineup, we would expect a little more than $500 taken off the currency conversion price, which has us pegging US pricing on the model at $12,000 to $12,500 MSRP, once it reaches our shores.

We should know more in a few weeks’ time though, as the US launch of the Aprilia RS 660 is just 10 days away. Until then.

Source: Aprilia Italia