Mat Mladin Considering A Move to World Superbike?

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After announcing his retirement from AMA Pro Racing, and what many assumed meant motorcycle racing in general, it didn’t take long for Mat Mladin to wind back up in the racing spot-light, this time with World Superbike aires around him. It would seem the recently retired Australian  rider is at least musing over a possible World Superbike ride this week, as was revealed in a post on twitter earlier today. Citing a couple of offers, Mladin seems to be at least interested in one of them. More after the jump.

Mladin, a fairly regular twitter user, is either fanning speculation or possibly considering a move up to the World level of Superbike racing. In his post he writes, “a couple of world superbike offers have come my way in the past month. 1 of them very good in regards to machinery. decisions decisions ;-)”.

Let the speculation begin.

Source: twitter via Motorcycle-USA