Mat Mladin Considering A Move to World Superbike?

12/09/2009 @ 7:33 pm, by Jensen Beeler11 COMMENTS


After announcing his retirement from AMA Pro Racing, and what many assumed meant motorcycle racing in general, it didn’t take long for Mat Mladin to wind back up in the racing spot-light, this time with World Superbike aires around him. It would seem the recently retired Australian  rider is at least musing over a possible World Superbike ride this week, as was revealed in a post on twitter earlier today. Citing a couple of offers, Mladin seems to be at least interested in one of them. More after the jump.

Mladin, a fairly regular twitter user, is either fanning speculation or possibly considering a move up to the World level of Superbike racing. In his post he writes, “a couple of world superbike offers have come my way in the past month. 1 of them very good in regards to machinery. decisions decisions ;-)”.

Let the speculation begin.

Source: twitter via Motorcycle-USA

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  • Honestly think this is a bad move.. RT @Asphalt_Rubber: Mat Mladin Considering A Move to World Superbike? – #motorcycle

  • richard

    I would LOVE to see this.

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  • Chris

    me too …but without me sifting thru WSBK news…what seats on competitive machinery are in fact remaining? I think the answer is zero. I’m pretty sure it’s just MM winding up the press with a ;-)

  • there’s rumors of Yoshimura entering back into WSBK, but yeah…not a lot of teams out there.

  • Slowing for Lunch

    This info sure contradicts his prior assertions, but I’d love to see him in WSBK.

  • Mat Mladin pondering World Superbike offers

  • Norman

    Suzuki needs him, and nobody knows the bike better. I would love to see Ben spies teacher doing wsbk racing.

  • Ike Swinson

    I would love to see Mat race on the World Level. I believe all of the fustration with the new rules in AMA pushed him away as well as many factory teams such as Honda, Kawasaki, Ducati etc, which made Superbikes more like Super Suport Bikes. It’s amazing how the Daytona Motorsports group runed AMA racing. However, those type of rules will not apply on the World Superbike Level which, on the right bike (Suzuki) would give he more then an average chance of winning. I think team up with Max next year would work better; furtermore, if he brings the Yoshimura Team, then other riders need to be very afraid.

  • Ted Estarija

    Despite his lack of charm on the press, Mat is a true racer and a fast at that. And I’m sure he’s tired of all the questions about racing for WSBK or MotoGP. He’s probably too old or too big for GP, but he’s certainly a perfect fit for a WSBK. With Yoshimura Suzuki going to SBK, I feel that Mat’s move to race in the world stage is finally going to happen. Especially with AMA falling apart; to say the least. Let’s hope that he is compensated the same as he was in AMA, which was always the spoiler for leaving AMA. His competitive nature needed a challege, which he lacked in AMA, but the WSBK offers were only a fraction of his current compensation. Mat’s decision makes sense and hard to understand why WSBK offers a lower (pay cut) offer at a bigger stage.