Leaked Video of the new Suzuki Hayabusa Shows the Busa in Action

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We are another day closer to the unveiling of the 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa – an event that marks the entry of the third generation of this venerable hyperbike.

Set for its official debut on February 5th, details and images continue to leak and tease for this new model, including today’s installment, which gives us our first clean look at the bike in motion.

The video was first spotted by our friends at MaxxMoto,  we can see that the bike looks identical to the leaked photo we saw a couple days ago, which gives validity to our previous analysis.

The overall look of the new model is unmistakably Hayabusa, but we can see that Suzuki has used some  the current GSXR-1000 styling in the face as well.

Adding to that, we can clearly see the aerodynamic strakes hidden in the new Hayabusa’s fairings, which likely provide better engine cooling, but could also help with high-speed downforce depending on how they are implemented.

The dash has some curious elements as well, the four-part dial setup is a nod to the classic layout from previous Hayabusa generations, but now there is a TFT element in the middle that provides basic information.

The settings for the electronics suite are obvious, but we are curious about what looks like dual lean angle sensor displays, and why the two measurements always seem to be 2° apart.

My first thought was some sort of lowering system, fore and aft, but that seems unlikely.

The “LF” function has us wondering too, though our first guess would be that it is some sort of launch control feature that utilizes a six-axis IMU.

We won’t have to speculate or guess for too much longer though. Stay tuned on Friday.