A New Suzuki Hayabusa Is Coming in a Week’s Time

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After tons of speculation about the prospect of an updated Hayabusa, Suzuki seems finally ready to shake the streets again with a new version of this iconic sport bike.

There have been so many rumors about the next-generation of the Suzuki Hayabusa, that we dedicated our own series of stories to the onslaught of speculations, inside infos, and rumors. But now, the real-deal seems just a few days away.

We say this because of two teaser videos that Suzuki has posted to its YouTube channel, which boast of a new motorcycle debuting on February 5th.

Though blurry, screen grabs (shown below) from the first video (shown above) give the impression of a motorcycle that looks very much like the Hayabusa, with its three headlights and rounded face.

The most damning piece of evidence though is a shot of the dash, which looks like an updated version of the Busa’s unique cockpit.

The scene showing the dash is telling in another way too, as we watch the motorcycle hit 180mph and comfortably push passed that figure with room to spare on sixth gear.

Showing high-speed banking in the first teaser, and a dragstrip in the second teaser video, Suzuki is painting a very obvious picture about what motorcycle we can expect to see in a week’s time.

There is still a big question, however. Which of the many rumors will turn out to be true?

Will the 2021 Suzuki Hayabusa have forced induction? Or will its four-cylinder engine get a modest displacement increase? Full electronics with an IMU seems a guarantee, and again a look at the dash seems to confirm this, but how revised will the bike’s shape be?

That last question might be an existential question, as it would be hard for Suzuki to depart from the classic lines of the Hayabusa – as polarizing as they might have been over all these years.

At the end of the day though, the real question will be how close the new Suzuki Hayabusa stays to its predecessor. Remember for a moment that this was a motorcycle that was created to be the king of the streets – the undisputed fastest thing on two wheels.

The goal posts for that title have moved significantly since the Hayabusa first debuted, and it is hard to imagine the Suzuki brand swinging for the fences again, like they once used to do.

This is because the Japanese manufacturer has disappointed lately with its conservative moves and product unveilings, and that has cost them in the marketplace.

On a bike whose history is anything but conservative, will the great Suzuki brand find its mojo once again? Only time will tell.

Source: Suzuki (YouTube)