KTM Begins Teasing Limited Edition 890cc “Moto2” Bike

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On the KTM social media channels today, the Austrian brand has let slip that it plans on making a limited edition run of “Moto2” track bikes, for a select number of riders worldwide.

As such, Only 100 units will be made worldwide, according to the video, which is certainly an exclusive number.

The news does create some questions though, as all the Moto2 machines racing right now are powered by Triumph three-cylinder power plants, which seems an unlikely choice for KTM to follow in its own produciton.

The teaser video has some hints in that department as well, as our friends at MaxxMoto noted, the sound of the bike revving is clearly a large-displacement twin – likely KTM’s 890cc parallel-twin engine.

That observation fits in nicely with some news we broke five months ago, that KTM and Kramer were working on a project together.

With that knowledge, and a closer look at KTM’s teaser video, we can see that KTM is indeed showing us the steel trellis frame found on the Kramer GP2 890R track bike.

This would suggest that KTM is working with Kramer to bring an 890cc track bike to market, based heavily on the GP2 bike design.

We would assume this means that KTM’s exclusive Moto2 consumer machine will carry over the fairing design found on the Austrian brand’s Moto2 race bikes, but with several hard-parts that come straight from Kramer’s studio as well.

As such, we would expect a similar fuel-in-tailsection design, along with WP suspension, Brembo brakes, and possibly even Dymag wheels.

The GP2 features 130hp with  traction control, weighs a paltry 308 lbs (140 kg) sans fuel, and makes a stout 73 lbs•ft of torque. Presumably, the KTM model will be close to these specs as well.

There’s no indication on pricing, but considering the Kramer GP2 890R retails for over $30,000 in the USA, we would expect KTM’s Moto2 bike to fetch quite the pretty penny, especially if only 100 are going to be made.

Stay tuned, the official debut of the KTM Moto2 customer bike is next week.

Source: KTM & Bothan Spies