Report: Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R Makes 40hp+ at the Wheel

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It is a little strange that Kawasaki has yet to release any specifics about the Ninja ZX-25R model, especially when markets around the world are gearing up for their order and delivery. After all, customers need to know what they are buying.

One of the key pieces of missing data, what everyone is anxious to know, is how much power this quarter-sized four-cylinder engine can produce, as it screams its way to 17,000 rpm.

We seem to have that answer today though, albeit unofficially, as a report is quoting a dyno run that saw 41.4hp at 15,350rpm and a peak torque output of 15.3 lbs•ft (20.8 Nm) at 12,700rpm.

Now, this news comes with some caveats. First, zero information is given about where and when this alleged dyno run was made, and frankly it is a bit disturbing to see a report that doesn’t at least quote this basic information.

How did this person or group get a bike? What market was the bike built for? Who operated the dyno and what kind was it? This is basic information that is omitted from today’s news, which is just sloppy journalism, especially on a second-hand repackaged story.

We searched and searched for the first-hand source of this information, and couldn’t find it. Young-Machine has sources telling them that 46PS is the expected official figure, which seems a tad low considering todays news, but it’s still just as probable.

The second caveat is more general, in that rear-wheel power figures are almost always lower than the power figures manufacturers will quote, as those are taken from the crankshaft. Kawasaki confuses this dichotomy even more by often including an additional horsepower figure for its sport bikes – “with RAM air”.

What does this all mean? Well it’s a data point. The rumors before today were that the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-25R would be a near-50hp bike, and today’s report does seem to add some weight to that claim. From that, we would expect a “50 PS” power claim, which is really 49hp, but the true number is probably somewhere between the 45PS and 50PS marks.

And while we can have the debate on which numbers are more honest, the fact remains that the real-world power from the Ninja ZX-25R looks to be quite potent. We would like to see some official numbers, and a few more dyno tests, but all indications are quite positive today.

What is very intriguing is that the Ninja ZX-25R looks to be just as powerful as the Ninja 400 (which is quoted at 45PS), which is a key factor when you sit down and understand why Kawasaki is making this unique motorcycle.


Jensen Beeler

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