Indian Has Two More FTR1200 Based Bikes Coming Soon

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When we first rode the Indian FTR1200 prototype motorcycle – one of our better A&R Pro stories, if I do say so myself – it was clear that the American brand was seeing this model as the first iteration from a platform of machines.

When pressed the Indian reps on whether we would see more bikes with the new v-twin engine arriving, and the answers in reply were deliciously vague, though hints of an ADV machine and other models could be read between the lines.

So, it doesn’t surprise us today that our colleagues at Motorbike Writer have gotten wind of Indian releasing two more variations of the machine, a “Street” bike in 2020, and an “Adventure” bike in 2021. Though, the story looks to have originally come from the ADV Rider web forum.

This is a very interesting proof of what we suspected, but we should say that the conclusions reached by Motorbike Writer are mostly incorrect.

Specifically, what our colleagues get wrong is the Apollo naming structure, the model trim packages, and where Indian is headed with its lineup.

If they had spent the $5/month to read our story, then they would know that the internal name at Indian for the FTR1200 is “Apollo” and not the marketing name of a future bike.

It is also confusing why Motorbike Writer concludes that the four trim packages that Indian announced last year would somehow morph into new separate models from the American brand.

As was announced, those trim packages are just aftermarket part options that help customize the FTR1200 for various uses and tastes – the parts and apparel side of the business being very important to Indian with the launch of the FTR1200.

Instead, we know from our own interactions with the American motorcycle maker that the FTR1200 is the first bike in a new platform of machines, and now we see that we can expect a sport (think: streetfighter) model for next year’s lineup, and an adventure-touring machine for the 2021 model year.

These bikes will share a five-speed and six-speed versions of the 1,203cc v-twin engine, and will help take Indian from being a cruiser-focused brand, into a motorcycle brand that operates in every segment.

As I have said before, Indian doesn’t want to be the next Harley-Davidson…they want to be the next Honda. And, the FTR1200 is just the first step in a direction that sees the Indian Motorcycle brand on every type of bike there can be.

It’s not all a bold new world for Indian though, as Motorbike Writer correctly points to the new dresser model from Indian, which goes by the codename “Raptor”.

Spy photos of this 120hp bike have already hit the internet, and Indian’s press department is busy trying to get them taken down. Indian may not want to be Harley-Davidson, but the Raptor model sure does seem to go after the rival American company’s core business.

Source: Motorbike Writer