A New Honda Motorcycle Will Debut at the AIMExpo

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The 2019 AIMExpo is just around the corner, and the largest motorcycle trade show in the United States has something special for us to look forward to this year.

This is because Honda is set to have the expo be the landing ground for a new motorcycle model.

The debut is said to be a world premiere for this new machine, which leads to some interesting hypothesis on what American Honda could be hiding behind its curtain.

Honda isn’t giving us too many hints on the new machine, but it seems that for American riders this will event will be a two-fer, with the show also giving us a glimpse of a Honda model that will be coming to American soil for the first time.

With that, the guessing games can begin. Could we see a bike like the Honda X-ADV adventure scooter coming to the USA? The off-road scooter has been a big hit abroad, and its quirkiness could ring a strong bell with American riders.

As for the world premiere, could we see Honda get more involved in the 300cc space, with a Honda CBR300RR? The new RR was just rumored within the past 24 hours, and it boasts a displacement upgrade to the potent Honda CBR250RR sport bike.

This would mean a twin-cylinder DOHC platform, with a redline of 14,000 rpm, which is capable of close to 40hp. This should make the CBR300RR a capable machine on the road, and on the track.

It seems strange that Honda hasn’t brought this quarter-liter machine to the US market for track day enthusiasts, and a 300cc model makes even more sense to us, now seeing the small-displacement landscape and the arrival of the Kawasaki Ninja 400.

These are just our guesses though. We will have more answers in a few weeks’ time. The 2019 AIMExpo starts September 26th for industry members and media.

Source: American Honda