Ducati Teases That A New Scrambler Is on the Way

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There is a new Ducati Scrambler model coming for the 2019 model year. That is what we know. We know that this new model will debut on September 10th, ahead of the INTERMOT show in Germany. What that model will be, however, well…that is what is up for debate.

Our colleagues over at the UK’s Superbike Magazine, they think that a new Ducati Scrambler 800 model is in the works. Meanwhile, our sources have tipped us that a Ducati Scrambler Desert Sled 1100 is on the way. Both ideas make sense, though for different reasons.

It makes sense that Ducati would release a new Scrambler model, as the Italian company has grown like clockwork this sub-brand each year with a new addition. The modern Ducati Scrambler, in its 803cc form, is ready to enter the 5th year of its life cycle, which in motorcycle industry terms, is long in the tooth.

So, it would make sense that Ducati would look to update the Scrambler 800 models, though it is hard to imagine how this retro-modern machine could be “updated” for consumers, bu its very definition. There is some value too in keeping the Scrambler model as-is, since long production cycles help keep costs down on this entry-point machine.

Conversely, it makes a lot of sense to see Ducati releasing a larger Desert Sled model, especially as Triumph is about to debut its own 1,200cc Scrambler model, based off the Bonneville platform. Fitted with more features and electronics than the 800cc model, a Ducati Desert Sled can differentiate itself in three ways from its 800cc counterpart: power, features, and price.

What will this new Scrambler be? As always, time will tell. We have less than a week to wait, however.

Source: Ducati