Bologna Confirms 2015 Ducati Scrambler

06/09/2014 @ 8:42 am, by Jensen Beeler28 COMMENTS


Ducati has officially acknowledged its well-known Scrambler model today, after giving its employees an sneak peak over the machine at Borgo Panigale. A 2015 model year machine, the Ducati Scrambler is being pitched as a fun motorcycle that hearkens back to the 1960’s and 1970’s.

Debuting in autumn of this year, the 2015 Ducati Scrambler is tipped to use one of the company’s smaller air-cooled v-twin motors. Said to have wide handlebars and off-road inklings, Ducati describes the machine as “simple” – perhaps signaling the company’s intention for an affordable two-wheeler that will appeal to both motorcycle enthusiasts, and those outside the industry, alike.

Creating a dedicated Tumblr blog for the new Scrambler model, Ducati seems to be targeting both the surf and hipster crowds, with nods towards both the surf culture (the company built a mini beach at Borgo Panigale for its employee teaser), along with notable longing for a nostalgic past.

The move can’t help but feel too like a push for a “Honda Nicest People” moment, where a machine that offers a more generally understandable proposistion of being fun and approachable for new riders is being built and marketed.

No thrills, basic, and affordable seem to be Ducati’s M/O here — it will be interesting to see what electronic packages are made standard on the Scrambler, if any.

Grabbing some stills from their promotional video, we can see the flat track styled tires used for the Scrambler, as well as the cooling fins for the air-cooled motor (which we can also see in the bike’s sketch below).

Punching out the exposure on the bike silhouettes, we can see a two-tone fuel tank that has metallic accents — very retro. Lastly, Ducati’s graphic (top of the article) makes us think an LED halo-eyed headlight, built to look like a classic headlamp, will be employed.

In all, the Ducati Scrambler feels like the Steve McQueen inspired summer dream a hipster Italian would have about a motorcycle. Things could get interesting.









Source: Ducati

  • I HOPE it’s a single. I know there is little chance but damn it, it’d be pretty freaking rad if it was!

  • Zero chance. Bologna thought it would be too expensive, and the risk on this model too high.

  • Alessandro

    Wish the exhaust had at least been high mounted, you can’t scramble much with a low-mount exhaust

  • Gutterslob

    The headlight looks good. Very Audi-esque. Silhouette and sound makes me think air-cooled , which is a good thing in Ducati land. None of that ghastly plumbing.

  • RL

    It’s all gonna come down to the pipes. I really hope they don’t throw on a low-mount can like in the sketch above. A scrambler NEEDS high pipes. It just does.

  • 999

    i really hope its not just a dressed up 696 monster. an aircooled 400, or 650 single would be rad-sauce

  • jb

    Supermono please………………….

  • JW

    Considering the new FZ 7 will be 7k , it will be interesting to see if Ducati can be close to this price point. I can see Yamaha selling a lot of bikes at 7k. My guess is, this scrambler will be another 1000 north. That price difference could be a tough sell to the mass market out there

  • JW

    I agree the exhaust needs to be a high mount system so as to encourage tomfoolery

  • m796

    Surprised on the single-sided swingarm when they develop a cheaper one for the 848

  • JW

    Why all the money in a single sider swing arm? This will only increase the price. They should get it as low price point as possible to get folks into the brand.

  • RL

    Why all this talk about singles? That market is owned by KTM or the DR. It would be crazy for Ducati to try to compete with brands that have nearly perfected the single cylinder engine. Almost as crazy as trying to race a twin against 4 cylinder machines in WSBK.

  • JW

    A thumper for 6,800 with a nice trade up program would give the Yamaha a headache..

  • JW

    Ducati with Audi backing I am sure could make a nice entry level thumper that would charm people into the brand. and yes KTM is a fine bike but the price they want does not attract entry type buyers. Yamaha knows this and have you seen the new Old sr 400 they are reintroducing to the USA market soon?

  • John

    No chance it is a single, you can see it is a twin from the sketch anyhow. Ducati still make ‘some’ serious bikes, but this will not be one of them. This will be a Monster dressed up as a scrambler, too heavy, too complicated and definitely not a ‘thumper’.

    I’m sad to say it will be a cynical attempt to cash in on the interesting scrambler singles Ducati made in their past. They have correctly read the market seen the rise in popularity of brands like Deus Ex Machina and think they can ride that wave with a bit of window dressing.

    I really wish they would make a single, they have proven that they can make an awesome single-cylinder engine and it would be a good basis for a whole new range of bikes (think ‘real’ cafe’ racer).

  • Tom

    Why is it “of course” a single side swingarm? Both the test mule and the sketch had the conventional swingarm from the new Monster 821…

  • coreyvwc

    Everyone asking for “high mount pipes” on this bike have clearly never been near the the pipes of 2 valve air cooled Ducati L-twin (yes it’s going to be a twin). Those pipes are f***ing hot, you don’t want them anywhere near the inside of your leg! Besides, this is not going to be an actual offroad bike, just another monster kinda sorta dressed up like one. No more, no less.

  • JW

    To not make this a basic single cylinder with a conventional swingarm is epic fail. This is a half ass and corporate easy attempt.

  • Jaybond

    Ducati, please make affordable sport/faired bikes like the 600SS & Supermono! We need to have these types of bikes from Ducati.

  • Sassy

    I for one would NOT want this to be a single because the Ducati 2 valve air cooled L twin is one of the best engines ever made. It is spunky, torquey, incredibly smooth and has tons of personality. For this bike to be more capable and more FUN, one of their smaller twins would be perfect. A low powered vibey single would limit it tremendously and wouldn’t really be in line with modern Ducati tradition (obviously 60’s tradition IS a single) of making even their gentlemanly bikes have that edge with power and performance to keep things entertaining.

    And come on guys whats the use of high pipes!? Get real, just cuz it’s called Scrambler doesn’t mean you are going mudding with this puppy. Its a road going machine, just like the Triumph Scrambler, but without so much useless facade. Call it a reworked Monster, but that’s all the Sport Classics were of the SS and they are some of the most desirable and fun riding Ducati ever built, if appreciated only posthumously.

    Naysayers gunna naysay, but if you buy bikes based on spec sheet vs price this isn’t for you. People who love Ducatis know it’s about the personality, charisma and soul that set their bikes apart, something Ducati is in jeopardy of diluting with technological advances. This bike is going to be rad and is a long awaited step in the right direction for them, which many Ducatista as well as newcomers are going to love for what it is!

  • Jw

    Surely someone at Bologna has a spec and price sheet. There are many folks who right now do not “love Ducati”
    IF Ducati can keep the price close to 7k they will be able to sway folks to swap brands and then get into the Ducati culture and then fall in love with the brand. Price matters for the masses who buy new bikes under 7k. We will see what happens when the price is made public.

  • Paul

    I see cast wheels. Please, in addition, offer spoked wheels. Please.

  • RL

    I ride a 2 valve desmo every day. Yah, the pipes get hot. But only if you stop moving. Wrap those headers and keep the pipes high! True dirt bikes look terrible these days and I think scrambler owners would be more inclined to test it on some dirt if it came setup to take that kind of treatment. Just look up what people have done with off-road modded monsters.

  • Mémékme Rekah

    cannot wait any longer…!!

  • TRL

    Terblanche was working on a scrambler wash’t he? Hmmmm…

  • the ducati cafe

    Needs to have spoked wheels and high exhaust….. Please listen to us ducati!!

  • Bob Whittaker

    It will never match the looks of The 1960 BSA DBD 34 Gold Star in Scrambler trim , even with it’s low exhaust ” A Proper Bike ” ! ! ! !

  • So does 2015 model mean reveal at EICMA and on floors before or after Christmas? Sadly, that is a _long_ time to wait…