Kramer Set to Debut a Cheaper Lightweight Race Bike

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Another juicy news item that comes to us straight from the Brap Talk motorcycle podcast, we get word that Kramer Motorcycles is working on a cheaper version of the Kramer HKR Evo2 race bike.

Based around the 690cc single-cylinder engine from KTM, the Kramer HKR Evo2 R is current available for a gasp-worthy amount of $22,500, which is obviously a lot of coin for a lightweight-class race bike.

Hoping to make that entry into the brand a little easier, and to provide racers with a platform that they can develop and customize themselves, we get word that Kramer is looking at a cheaper version of the Evo2, which will cost south of the $15,000 price point in the USA.

The price is still a large sum of money, but it brings the Kramer HKR Evo2 closer in line to what it would cost to purchase and build a competitive Suzuki SV650, Yamaha MT-07, or even the new Aprilia RS 660.

Along with this cheaper Kramer HKR Evo2 track bike, the Germans are also said to be eyeing specific upgrade kits for the machine (brakes, suspension, wheels, etc), making the bike a sort of à la carte sort of affair (which sound like another German, if you ask me).

With a platform that starts under $15,000 alongside a turn-key race winner at $22,500, this new model seems like the second part of a two-pronged approach to stacking grids with these lightweight Lightweights.

As someone who has taken a bare bones Kramer HKR Evo2 and built it into a multiple class-winning machine, I have to say I like this idea very much, and it takes away one of the major barriers for racers (and track day riders) to getting on these German-built machines.

This is because if there is one weakness in the Kramer offering, it is the price tag, and this news tackles that issue head-on. 

Now, if we can only do something about the $30,000+ pricing on the twin-cylinder Kramer GP2 890 R race bike

Source: Brap Talk Motorcycle Podcast; Photo: © 2018 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – All Rights Reserved

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