BMW Motorrad’s New Electric Scooter Will Debut Tomorrow

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The BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04 electric scooter will become a real motorcycle tomorrow, as the German brand is teasing a very obvious photo of the bike and its launch date.

The photo above was taken from BMW Motorrad’s Instagram account, with a little exposure added in Photoshop to show the lines of the machine in question, which show the very obvious silhouette of the CE 04.

Add in some very obvious nods to the bike’s electric drivetrain, and its “Silent Revolution” starting tomorrow, and you have all the elements necessary for a new model teaser for this electric scooter.

So, what do we know about the BMW Motorrad Definition CE 04?

Well, hopefully that the long-winded title won’t be the name of the production model (just CE-04, perhaps?), and we imagine at some point that BMW Motorrad will have to assign a letter designation to its electric motorcycle lineup.

The bike has an obvious urban focus, though it should be able to boast a sizable range. If the concept photos can be believed, that range should be 250 miles at city speeds (~25 mph).

The bike will likely be able to handle freeway speeds with no problem though, at the sacrifice of range, of course.

How will BMW stack up against the offerings from other brands, particular electric motorcycle brand Zero?

That is perhaps our biggest question, and it should be an interesting one to see, as will the price tag. Until tomorrow, then.

Source: BMW Motorrad (Instagram)