Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Gets Teased – A Cheap ADV Sport Cometh

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Triumph is not being bashful about its upcoming new models, teasing today what will be the 2022 Triumph Tiger Sport 660 adventure bike.

As you might have guessed from the name, the Triumph Tiger Sport 660 is based off the Trident 660 platform, which itself is a repurposing of the Street Triple 675 platform.

We have been expecting an adventure bike based on the 660 platform for some time now…actually, we have been expecting two ADV model from the British brand, based on this platform.

Today’s news seem to be concerning Triumph’s more on-road focused package, while a proper dual-sport model wit a 21″ front wheel is still expected to come from the folks in Hinckley.

The Triumph Tiger Sport 660 will likely come with 80hp (60 kW) and 47 lbs•ft (64 Nm) of torque on tap from the three-cylinder engine, with wheels that are 17″ in diameter.

Promising to be a fun and affordable entry into the ADV space, the “Adventure Sport” is really more of a taller sport tourer than a proper adventure bike, but that is probably owed to Triumph’s dual-pronged approach to this segment.

With the Triumph Trident Sport 660 now coming in at $8,200 MSRP, we can expect the Triumph Tiger Sport 660 to have an equally enticing price tag, which is almost certain to be under $10,000 and could be south of $9,000 when it comes to the USA.

Even with modest features, that would be a bargain buy for many riders, and likely a sure-fire way towards success for Triumph.

We expect the full launch of the 2022 Triumph Sport Tiger 660 in the coming months, and hope for a glimpse of its off-road sibling in the near future.

Source: Triumph