Here Is Our First Glimpse of What the New KTM RC390 Will Look Like

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The KTM RC390 is set for a major overhaul for the 2022 model year, with the pint-sized platform getting a serious makeover   next year and a bevy of mechanical improvements as well.

While we expect the 2022 KTM RC390 to debut officially later this year, a blogger out of India has scored what looks to be official studio photos of the KTM RC390, KTM RC200, and KTM RC125 models.

The photos show the bikes’ massive overhaul visually – a look that we think will be more palatable to the two-wheeled masses than its predecessor.

As such, the side-by-side project headlamp arrangement is now replaced by a single headlight housing, which integrates and flows better with the front fairing.

The same can be said for the turn signals, which are now integrated into the RC390’s front fairing.

The front of the motorcycle has double-layer fairing design, likely to help with channeling wind around the rider and making the ride more comfortable, especially on hot days.

Our Bothan spies tell us that there are numerous technical changes as well to the new KTM RC390 and its siblings, with some motor and chassis work designed to make the bike more reliable and honed for sporting applications.

For example, the front end is more rigid and the internal components to the engine have been revised for better durability and longevity.

We can see from the photos that the subframe is now separate from the main chassis – a common complaint from track-going RC390 owners was all-in-one frame design that KTM used, as it wasn’t very crash-worthy.

The components look familiar, with ByBre brakes and WP suspension (though KTM seems to have upgraded the spec here).

There is also a TFT dash and the fuel tank has some more capacity. Our Bothan’s say the wheels have been lightened as well.

Source: @yadu_kanakkaparambil via