Bold New Graphics for the 2017 KTM RC390 & Kin

10/07/2016 @ 5:59 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS


While we expect to see the KTM 390 Duke to get a minor update for the 2017 model year, along with a refresh of its design and graphics, it seems its sport bike counterpart, the KMT RC390 will just be getting the “bold new graphics” treatment.

This makes some sense in a way, since the KTM RC390 and its kin came to market a year after the KTM 390 Duke debuted. This could mean then that a model refresh is due for the pint-sized racer for the 2018 model year.

These leaked photos apparently confirm that the KTM RC390, KTM RC200, and KTM RC125 will get only changes to their liveries for the 2017 model year.

This is interesting because for 2017, KTM is showing off the start of a new design language for its models, with more visual updates expect to debut in November at EICMA.

At INTERMOT, we saw that the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R is already getting this new design, which revolves around a new LED headlight assembly that looks like…well, we don’t know what it looks like.

Considering that the headlight assembly is one of the least-liked attributes of the KTM RC390 line, this model refresh can’t come soon enough for some riders.

For bonus points, what’s interesting in this set of photos are the two different exhaust layouts, with the RC390 and RC125 sharing a traditional canister setup, while the RC200 still has an underslung exhaust. We suspect Euro 4 is to blame for this.

It will therefore be interesting to see how this affects the KTM RC390 and KTM RC125 performance-wise. The changing of the exhaust system could signal more changes under the hood. We’ll have to wait until EICMA to know for sure.



Source: Moto.Caradisiac

  • Ur Momma

    Yet the website still shows retouched photos of the dash with no ugly seam…

  • paulus

    It’s a shame the removable sub-frame did not make it onto the RC range. Especially with the bike being used in race series.

  • Let’s see what happens next year.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    How about something other than orange? Sure, keep it for the diehard KTM guys, but for the rest of us, how about a nice pearl white or basically anything other than orange.

  • BBQdog

    No orange wheels, no sale.

  • BBQdog

    Think most of us hoped for a new fairing without those hideous headlights.
    At least a fairing a bit more like their Motor3 racer.
    Although I am happy they keep the RC390 in the program because it
    doesn’t sell that well here in Europe.

    And ‘ leaked photos’ ?? Common …..

  • Mark Olivier

    The new exhaust may be due to the rule of the WorldSSP 300 class which requires the replacement exhaust for the race bike to be in the same position (and with the same number of silencers) as on the production bike. The RC390 Cup bike already had the exhaust in this position, it seems the underbelly exhaust is not the best for racing.

  • SKD007

    Faring sucks. Is it that hard to give it a nicer looking faring ? and also they should have used bucket valve like in Duke200.. would have been a wonderful package

  • MikeD

    Still looking more up-class than all other 300’s.

  • Christopher Horrell

    I too would like to see a nice pearl white, but as BBQdog has already said, I still want it with KTM orange wheels.

  • ‘Mike Smith

    I’d go for that, metallic pearl white with KTM orange wheels, sign me up!

  • Kid Thunder

    I must be gettin old but I remember the nose of a fairing couldn’t be past the axel.

  • MikeD

    LOL, i remember thinking the same the first time i saw a TL1000R.

  • paulus

    Also, the real reason for all the plastic crap hanging off the back was to meet an archaic rule and achieve a line of ‘coverage’ 45 degree from the rear axle.

  • BBQdog

    No, those new exhausts are because of Euro4 (Duke and RC).
    Exhaust gas values must be only halve of what they were.
    What previously was the exhaust in now probably
    a double catalyst. There for they needed the side
    exhaust. The RC390 was already 8 kg (!) heavier then
    the Duke 390 and now they added an extra 5 kg.
    To the Duke also ….