2010 Ducati Stradaperta Unmasked

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Finally it has happened, photos of the Ducati Stradaperta have been leaked, and they show the bike’s true form. With the bevy of camofloged photos that we’ve seen already, there aren’t too many surprises here, but we do get to see a clear view of the “beak” of the new adventure-tourer, as well as the front fairings. Photos after the jump.

Similar to the Hypermotard, which seems to share a lot of inspiration with the Stradaperta, the front mudguard has an integrated ram-air intake. Interestingly enough from these photos, we see no mirrors. Gone are the gaudy add-on mirrors we’ve seen before, but also absent are the bar-end mirrors we expected to see in the final version. This leaves us wondering what Ducati has up their sleeve for the BMW GS killer.

Source: via HFL