Gone Riding: Aprilia RSV4 & Tuono V4

04/25/2017 @ 7:20 am, by Jensen Beeler65 COMMENTS

Hello again from Austin, Texas and the Circuit of the Americas. Fresh off yesterday’s sessions on the 2017 Suzuki GSX-R1000, we have another day of track riding ahead of us (it’s a tough life, I know).

Switching things up a bit, we will be on the Aprilia RSV4 RR, Aprilia RSV4 RF, Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 RR, and Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 Factory. That’s a lot of bikes to ride in a single-day format, but we should be able to get some good seat time on each of the new Aprilia models for you.

Our focus for the day will be on the bevy of changes that Aprilia has brought to its V4 platform for the 2017 model year, as the Italian brand looks to continue the evolution of both its RSV4 and Tuono V4 lineups.

The big changes at hand are more power, an updated electronics package, new suspension pieces for the RSV4 RF and Tuono V4 1100 Factory, and upgraded brakes (cornering ABS from Bosch and larger brake discs) on all the models.

Per our new review format, we will be giving you a live assessment of the 2017 Aprilia V4 models right here in this article (down in the comments section), and there we will try to answer any questions you might have.

So, here is your chance to learn what it’s like to ride these new bikes from Aprilia, before even my own proper reviews are posted.

As always, if I don’t know an answer, I will try to get a response from the Aprilia personnel (we have members from both the Italian and American teams here on-site) that are here with me here at COTA. So, pepper away.

You can follow our thoughts on the bike live via FacebookTwitter, and Instagram. You can also try searching for the hashtags: #Aprilia & #BeARacer for the thoughts of my colleagues as well.

Spec-Sheet Comparison of European Superbike Motorcycles (with ABS and Electronics PKG):

  Aprilia RSV4 RR Aprilia RSV4 RF Ducati 1299 Panigale Ducati 1299 Panigale S BMW S1000RR (P)
Horsepower  198 hp 198 hp 202 hp 202 hp  196 hp
Torque  85 lbs•ft 85 lbs•ft 107 lbs•ft 107 lbs•ft  83 lbs•ft
Wet Weight  450 lbs 450 lbs 420 lbs 420 lbs  459 lbs
HP/kg  0.970  0.970 1.060 1.060  0.942
Price $16,999 $22,999 $19,995 $25,795  $18,845

Photo: Aprilia

  • Ayabe

    Does that V4 sound get annoying after a full day? (I think I know the answer).

    I’m curious if this thing will pull the new 2017 Super Duke like it would the old model.

  • Robert

    Check out the cruise control and report on that, please….

  • sigsegv

    Truthfully, after a while you don’t care anymore. It just fades away as noise in the windy background. Except inside tunnels. Especially when you shortshift an handful of gears with the QS: broooo-broooo-brooooom :P

  • Pete

    Kind of a boring question, but what are service intervals and, if possible, costs?

    I really want a tuono. It doesn’t make any sense, but that SOUND!

  • Ayabe

    Oh stop, you’re making me randy. We’e already bordering on a take my money situation, alas lack of heated grips, I canna live without them.

  • Ever 20,000km for the major servicing (valve adjustment). Going to be roughly 8hrs of work. Shop rates vary, but I would wager around $800.

    Ever 10,000km is basic service, i.e. an oil change and inspection.

  • n/a

    Don’t do it!

  • Taylor

    If you were in the market, would you buy a 2017 RR over a leftover 2016 RR? What kind of rider would benefit the most from getting the 17? Is the blipper, cruise, dash, brakes, injector setup, etc worth the extra $$ over the deep discount on a 16?

  • Surya De

    Depends on what you are looking for. I have a 2012 RSV4 Factory and so far nothing has tempted me to swap – ok correction other than the auto blip function – to the newer version.

  • vignessh

    Would you also be testing bone stock vs suspension/electronic tweaks? It’ll be really nice to understand how it is out of the box and what suggestions come out to make it better.

  • Bluesceyes

    Is their sh*t together?

  • The bike is like a large intestine.

  • Ayabe

    Autoblipper and extra CC’s would be awfully tempting for me.

  • Ayabe


    *Sang to the tune of the Activia jingle*

  • shakefu

    Anything worrying about the bike? Weirdly placed harnesses, bolt choices, handling quirks, startup/idle issues?

    Is it even remotely worth it if you’re only getting a few track days a year, but mostly doing street riding in the mountain twisties?

    How are the engine characteristics? Low down throttle response? Is the ride by wire/engine mapping forgiving and manageable for that power, or is it trying to throw you off all the time?

    How are the new electronics? Notice any intervention?

  • Timbo Baggins

    Is the Tuono a viable commuter bike or is the engine/gearing too high-strung for that sort of thing?

  • Let’s call it a spirited commuter. I find the leg positioning to be a bit sporty, but I’m also 6’2″. It makes its power much lower in the range than the RSV4 does.

  • Shinigami

    You want a V4 and heated grips you have one choice.


  • Victor

    Damn, haven’t seen one for a while and the design really doesn’t hold up. It looks really out of style.


    As someone who just purchased a leftover ’16 RR, Im here for this.
    You might not be able to tell on a test run, but I wonder how the new engine without the variable timing intake ducts effect performance and reliability. Also, find it interesting how a lot of journalists criticize the electronics on a track, but run the stock ecu instead of the RACE ecu.

  • Datdude Ron

    I used to say that. Then I rode an RR. It does every single thing better than the pre RR/RF bikes. Everything.
    To answer the Question. 16 RR vs 17 RR? Realistically I’d get the 16 probably on sale and throw TTX shock on it.
    That auto blipped has to be good for I’d guess at least 1 second per lap. And put pass. Omg. Cmon. Who would not want that. Just depends on how much u want the gadgets. The case covers from stock are also very cool, and new dash is awesome. If you can afford it. Get the 17. If you’d rather save some coin at the expense of fancy electronic stuff. Then pick up a 16 on sale.
    17RF, different story again, as they come with supposedly legit TTX shocks and 30mm NIX forks.

  • Datdude Ron

    No, it’s traditional suspension. No electronic suspension.

  • Datdude Ron

    I’m still not sure on this. So 16s have variable Intake. But 17 do not? I’m confused as to when exactly it was dropped.

  • Datdude Ron

    Absolutely not. That seat will wear you out tho. Lol

  • No, not enough time for that. Three 15-minute sessions on each of the two bike’s two trim levels. We’re going to do a superbike shootout format that will allow for that kind of tinkering though.

  • Nothing that strikes me as wrong. The RSV4 is a pretty developed platform at this point. I worry about those thing with inaugural bikes, but not something this mature.

    Mostly street riding, and I’m grabbing a Tuono V4. The RSV4 is a track bike with lights. Can you ride it on the street? Sure. It wouldn’t be my first choice though.

  • I dunno, I think it looks good. The RR in black looks sick. One of those in my garage might need to happen…

  • motoschmoto

    Or put on aftermarket heated grips. I’ve had bikes both with and without and used to think I had to have em. My current bike doesn’t have em and I really don’t mind it. They’re definitely nice to have though.

  • Mmmm…that’s tough, because there’s a pretty good deal on ’16 models now (note the ads on A&R, wink wink nudge nudge). At $16,500, the 2017 RR seems like a great deal on its own. I can probably do without the auto-blipper and cruise control, but the dash looks so much better (along with the handlebar toggles), and the brakes are phenomenal. How’s that for a non-answer?

  • Paulo Rosas

    I was just at the aprilia launch, I am not a journalist, so I had to wait for 7 hrs! but fun ones, and not riding, that sounds just gets better and better, then I rod it and it was heaven! but I know it is subjective, some friends like the more screaming sound of an inline four, I like both :) Cheers

  • It cruised. Pit lane limiter works good too.

  • MikeD

    12,500 US Miles ? I’m very spoiled but that’s very poor. It’s 2017, FFS.
    6K miles oil changes are good tho.

  • motoschmoto

    The same old question about dealer presence has to be asked again no (maybe they’ll actually listen one day)? My local dealer (Suzuki, Kawi, Zero) said they were in talks with Aprilia and they wanted them to devote a massive part of the floor to them (the first mention of ‘being in talks’ was well over a year ago). I’d love to see the bikes in person. It’s the best way to move units too – or can be. I was put on an 899 for a test ride without even asking and I bought it the next day. I would have never even considered it without a dealer close by (and one that actually wanted you to test ride the bikes).

  • shakefu

    Thanks for the reply! I look forward reading the rest of the review/comments/answers! :D

  • MikeD
  • MikeD

    Sorry, a bit of a hack but still Aprilia related.
    Any chance they’ll drop that fuel sucking 90* 1200cc LUMP currently on the Capo and slap the V4 in it ?

  • Tam 212

    The V4 is a “fuel sucking lump” all its own. Lucky to see 30mpg day to day on my ’15 Tuono. It hasn’t improved – friend with a 16 1100 sees 29mpg.

    Maybe if they detune it…

  • MikeD

    Ah, yes . . . i’ve heard it too, specially from Tuono owners. Maybe a more pedestrian output would improve that as you suggested.
    Have you heard of anyone tuning(map(s) cleaning) these for better MPG ? Kinda pointless on these but there’s always that possibility.

  • Tam 212

    The ’17’s seem to be quieter in stock form than the previous models. Guessing Euro4 compliance s something to do with it.

  • Tam 212

    Not that I’m aware. I have a feeling it needs more than a mapping change to make it a more touring oriented mill or to make appreciable consumption gains.

    Heck, a popular mod is to resprocket the V4 1000 as it’s a bit tall. The 1100 masks this with it’s noticeably stouter midrange…

  • Dan Wickersham

    There’s no extra cc’s. There is a stout amount of extra power though

  • vignessh

    Thank you, eagerly awaiting this report and the upcoming superbike shootout.


    From their press “they now use a more powerful ECU with higher calculating capacity that allowed Aprilia to raise the max revs by 300 rpm and ditch the variable timing intake ducts. New pistons are lighter and claimed to reduce blow-by, while a honing treatment was added to the connecting rodheads for reduced friction. Other updates include new valve springs and “optimized” valve timing.Aprilia says the combination of these updates has improved overall reliability.”

  • Datdude Ron

    Awesome. Thanks.

  • Jake Boggan

    It’s a very spirited commuter but I did it for a year. Also arrived at work with a big grin plastered on my face! It’s very mild mannered in traffic and low speeds if you keep it on the two milder throttle maps. That’s what I liked about it, it’s a kitten that turns into Battlecat when you flick over 8k RPM. Equally at home lane-splitting stopped traffic on the 405 or losing some front traction on a long on-ramp.

  • KYspeaks

    If you think this is out of style you should also check out the next article on the GSX-R….

  • sigsegv

    Seats from the 2015 onward are plush (excessively I might add). It is a recommended update if you have an earlier model.

  • Baze

    Does the data from the dashboard on the RSV4 RR stores somewhere? Can i check the lean angles after the ride or i’d have to stick gopro there? Btw, I know there is the V4-MP but i’m not into giving 400$ for it.

  • Steve Massimini

    This High end, big power bikes really kicks.Surprisingly well protected. They wind tunnel tested for aerodynamic efficiency and stability at speed. http://www.classicautobody.com/

  • Datdude Ron

    You call that plush? Lol

  • Michael Brannaka

    Sounds Italian.

  • sigsegv

    My rear end does :)

  • Ayabe

    That’s awesome man, what a fun day!

  • Ayabe

    Derp, Tuono got the bump not the RR, reading is fundamental.

  • sigsegv

    It would make a lot of sense actually, to the point that is has been a recurring rumor in the past few years.
    Adding the fact that the 1200 V2 is not Euro 4 compliant and the 900 cc iteration looks to be into deep troubles, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the Caponord V4 at the next EICMA…

  • Bob Close

    Ohhhh…I am so going to steal this. Thank you.

  • MrDefo

    My favorite’s an inline 3 – I appreciated the sound of my Speed Triple, but I didn’t know how much I’d miss it after moving to an I-4.

  • Bob Close

    Can I just say what a bummer that Aprilia did not show up (again) for the 2017 MotoAmerica season? Last year, their imported rider was able to post some pretty good results and mix it up with the front group. Granted, it was probably underwritten entirely by this little factory, but the series desperately needs more real SBK/SSK competition.

  • Clint Keener

    When do these bikes come out? Or are they now?

  • Tam 212

    Guessing they are maxed out with their MotoGP effort and “factory supported” Milwaukee Aprilia WSBK team.

  • Paulo Rosas

    Made me think: I have to get more in this “moto journalist” thing! lol

    Peace :)

  • MikeD

    Ok, that’s half-baked plausible. Let me stash it in the “This could happen next year” folder for then.
    Their USA “Portfolio” looks “pretty vacant” to me.

  • MikeD
  • MikeD

    I take no credit (however, i did steal it alright) It’s all thanks to Google’s Magic and the magnificent soul who created this glorious gif.

  • Bruce Steever

    Depends on the four…