Zero/Agni Running Isle of Man Bike at Infineon

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As we get ready for TTXGP’s first race in the United States this weekend (and apparently the AMA is racing with them too, who knew?), more details are emerging about what we can expect from Sunday’s race. Our operatives caught Team ZeroAgni and K² out at Thunderhill last week, and saw a modified Zero S (K²’s entry), and a GSX-R piloted by Shawn Higbee taking laps around the track. With the GSX-R clearly not TTXGP legal, we were left to speculate what AMA privateer Higbee would be riding at Infineon, and now we know: it’s the inaugural TTXGP winning bike from Agni Motors (you can see the bike re-painted above, with it’s noticeable “tank-plank” protruding).

Based on a GSX-R frame, the former Agni bike features dual-Agni motors that are mounted well outside the lines of the frame, for maximum cooling. While we don’t know how much power is on-board, but we can imagine Zero’s power cells are nestled inside the street bike frame giving it comparable or more power than the bike sported at the Isle of Man TT.

With the Agni TTX01 setting the bar at TTXGP last year, it’s also the bike to beat this weekend. However eyes will be one Werkstatt, who are running the Mavizen TTX02, which was based of the Agni winner. We also expect strong showings from Lightning Motorcycles and SWIGZ, but with so many teams breaking cover at once, it really could be anyone’s race to win. Get excited.