If you want to get a quick feel of how the 2012 MotoGP Championship is shaping up from a very knowledgeable person in the MotoGP paddock, then today’s video from Yamaha Racing’s Lin Jarvis is your best bet.┬áTaking some time from his duties of running Yamaha’s MotoGP team, Jarvis talks about the tests underway in Sepang, Malaysia, and is generally optimistic about the season.

Of course sometimes what isn’t said is more important than what is said, and in this season preview you won’t hear a single word about the most important change to MotoGP: the claiming rule teams. Simple omission, or are the OEMs beginning their face-off with Dorna on the future of MotoGP?

Source: Yamaha Racing

  • Doesnt matter

    This is the most useless video I have ever watched. Just a waste of time.

  • emerson bigguns

    The only thing more useless is the YouTube videos that are nothing but still photos.

  • bemer2six

    What a wast of time Lin Jarvis! Tell me some thing i all ready don’t know why don’t you!?

  • Bill

    That was just way too technical. Tell us something important!!!!!!!

  • Bob

    Plus one to all the above.

  • business world survival tactic #3: talking endlessly without really saying anything at all