Yamaha had several generations of of GP legends on-hand yesterday to celebrate the company’s 50th Anniversary of Grand Prix racing. Current Yamaha team riders Jorge Lorenzo, Ben Spies, Colin Edwards, and Cal Crutchlow rubbed shoulders with Kenny Roberts Sr., Eddie Lawson, and Wayne Rainey.

Listening to the group trade stories, comparing past with present, along with giving insights on where the sport was headed was quite an experience. Yamaha had more up its sleeve though, and true to its Laguna Seca tradition, released another bit of video gold in time for the Red Bull US GP at the Californian track. Double bonus points for a Fabio cameo, watch the bar on GP comedy get raised after the jump.

Source: Yamaha Racing

  • I so want that van.

  • Roger Robbins

    I think you have to have followed motorcycle racing as long as I have to really appreciate this skit. Every one of those guys is a genuine champion -riders worthy of being emulated. They have totally inspired me to want to win -not just in motorcycling but in life. Thanks for the memories -and the good fun.

    PS: After owning vans like that one, believe me, you DON’T want it.

  • Winger

    LoL … “The Cameras, where are the camera’s” :)

  • Random

    I didn’t dig all the previous Yamaha videos, but this sure is a nice one…

  • lord_tizzle

    Nothing beats the Mancation

  • keith mckenna

    Cool video. I bet there are a million super funny outtakes. If you could post some of them, that would be sweet. Thanks for your time and consideration.

  • buellracerx

    actors they are not…hahaha awesome vid.

  • Oki

    this video is awesome…

    btw, is Fabio = Vale ?