WSBK: Indian Round Cancelled for 2013

08/14/2013 @ 4:19 am, by Jensen Beeler3 COMMENTS


Confirming rumors going around the World Superbike paddock, the FIM has confirmed that WSBK’s race in India has been cancelled. Citing “operational challenges” as the cause for the cancellation, Jaypee Sports International and Dorna had no choice but to cancel that races to be held on November 17th, though the race will likely remain on the 2015 calendar.

“JPSI confirms its interest in going ahead with the race in the future,” said Mr. Vicky Chandhok, President of the Federation of Motor Sports Clubs of India (FMSCI).”We look forward to them concluding an arrangement with DWO in order to arrive at a mutually convenient date and to ensure that India has the privilege of hosting a round in the near future.”

The news is a blow to the WSBK Championship, which desperately needs to find venues outside of Western Europe, with tracks like the Buddh International Circuit in India being in emerging markets that are vital to the growth of motorcycle manufacturers.

Source: FIM

  • chev

    Just when I thought things(F1 2014 cancelled) couldn’t get any worse they did.
    Thanks FIM & FIA.

  • “Thanks FIM & FIA.”

    You’d think that with two entirely different organizations cancelling at the same venue within the same relative time frame, both orgs having decades of successful events, it would be obvious that the problems lay with circuit operations.

    Apparently not.

  • Looter

    The F1 teams didn’t like their income being taxed by the Indian gov and neither do WSBK teams it seems. These series wil probably stay away until the gov recognizes motorsports as an actual sport.