Fewer Than 20 Bikes on the Grid for WSBK Next Year?

12/13/2012 @ 2:54 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS

When we talk about shrinking grid sizes, it is usually MotoGP that gets the bulk of our scrutiny; however, some concern is starting to be generated over how large the field will be for the World Superbike Championship next season.

While there were 23 bikes on the starting grid at Phillip Island in 2012, for 2013 that number could well be 19 or less at the season-opener. While there are a number of factors for the smaller grid, it is no small coincidence that WSBK is short the same number of bikes that Effenbert Liberty Racing fielded last season.

With the Czech team’s plans for 2013 still not publicly known, and no teams seemingly willing to fill the void left by Liberty Racing, it is possible that we will see a 19 bike grid a Phillip Island in a few months. Hopefully that is not the case, and some other entries come out of the woodwork. As always, time will tell.

Known Entries for the 2013 World Superbike Championship:

(2) Aprilia Racing Team: Eugene Laverty & Sylvain Guintoli
(1) Team Althea Racing Aprilia: Davide Giugliano
(1) Team Red Devils Aprilia: Michel Fabrizio
(2) Kawasaki Racing Team: Tom Sykes & Loris Baz
*(2) Pedercini Kawasaki: Alex Lundh & Grotzkyj Simone Giorgi
(2) Pata Racing Team Honda: Jonathan Rea & Leon Haslam
(2) Crescent Suzuki Team Fixi: Jules Cluzel & Leon Camier
(2) Team Alstare Ducati: Carlos Checa & Ayrton Badovini
(2) BMW Motorrad Motorsport Goldbet: Marco Melandri & Chaz Davies
(1) Grillini Progea SBK Team BMW: Vittorio Iannuzzo
*(1) Team Air Asia BMW: Ivan Clementi
(1) Ducati Team MR: Max Neukirchner

* To Be Confirmed

Source: Moto.it

  • Gritboy

    Disappointing if it’s that small. If so, I’ll be canceling my Laguna Seca plans to go see it.

  • Gutterslob

    Just curious. Does anyone know how the differences (in cost) between fielding a privateer WSBK team vs a Moto2 team?

  • alex

    the cost comparison is very difficult because often teams budgets are as much as they can get – but I know moto 2 teams that are in the range of 1.5 mil per season and wsbk teams that are spending more than double that.

    The are trade articles that peg the number at only 750K to 1 mil US but that’s just what teams admit to. The low numbers games plays into strategies of not getting penalized and luring other teams into the grid who spend less then sand bagging just enough to be slightly faster then them.

  • don’t care, as tv viewer … when they are all within 1,5 seconds = great racing

  • Damo


    I am with you! Also that is not a HUGE dip in number.

  • David Sprague

    Dear Asphalt & Rubber,

    Thank you for using the word “fewer” instead of the more ubiquitous, and incorrect in this case, word “less.” It’s just that when I was in grade school a few decades ago the proper use of both of those words was drilled into each student. I see and hear “less” used incorrectly all the time on the radio and in print and it is refreshing and deserving of praise.

    D Sprague

  • LBJ

    From the looks of it, there will most certainly be one less. The rider in the photo is heading straight for the metal fence and he’s looking the wrong way! Plus he only has one hand on the handlebars. If only he had taken a motorcycle safety course…….

  • robin

    all hail mein grammar