How to Watch the Daytona 200 – A Glimpse into the Future?

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Did you miss this weekend’s Daytona 200? It wasn’t on TV, but instead was streamed on DMG’s new website: The content was pretty standard, for anyone who has watched AMA Pro Racing’s TV commentary before, though it was without a high-defition feed, which irked video snobs like us.

Some readers reported other technical difficulties with the steam itself, though for the large-part of viewers, things seemed to work ok. The only probably up until now, is how to watch the Daytona 200 and other races if you didn’t catch them live. DMG has a fix for that now as well: YouTube.

So far only the Daytona 200 has been uploaded to the popular video site, but we presume that the Superbike, Supersport, and Harley class races will be uploaded as well. If there is one good thing to come from AMA Pro Road Racing losing its TV contract, it is that the situation leaves DMG free to do whatever it wants with its video content.

This means that the live streams online and a dedicated YouTube channel can be just the start of bringing AMA Pro Racing into the 21st century of mass media. As my good colleague Mark Gardiner pointed out, the move from quasi-premium TV channels means actually more people should be able to watch the AMA races than before.

And, with the mainstream usage of YouTube, with its bonafide video recommendation system and sharing ability, there is even a chance of indoctrinating new viewers into our sport.

Could it be then that the worst thing possible for AMA Pro Racing could be its saving grace? Time will tell on this one, but you can watch the whole Daytona 200 right here, as an embeddable video. Now that’s pretty cool.

Daytona 200 – AMA Daytona SportBike:

AMA Pro Superbike Race 1:

Source: AMA Pro Racing