Did you miss this weekend’s Daytona 200? It wasn’t on TV, but instead was streamed on DMG’s new website: The content was pretty standard, for anyone who has watched AMA Pro Racing’s TV commentary before, though it was without a high-defition feed, which irked video snobs like us.

Some readers reported other technical difficulties with the steam itself, though for the large-part of viewers, things seemed to work ok. The only probably up until now, is how to watch the Daytona 200 and other races if you didn’t catch them live. DMG has a fix for that now as well: YouTube.

So far only the Daytona 200 has been uploaded to the popular video site, but we presume that the Superbike, Supersport, and Harley class races will be uploaded as well. If there is one good thing to come from AMA Pro Road Racing losing its TV contract, it is that the situation leaves DMG free to do whatever it wants with its video content.

This means that the live streams online and a dedicated YouTube channel can be just the start of bringing AMA Pro Racing into the 21st century of mass media. As my good colleague Mark Gardiner pointed out, the move from quasi-premium TV channels means actually more people should be able to watch the AMA races than before.

And, with the mainstream usage of YouTube, with its bonafide video recommendation system and sharing ability, there is even a chance of indoctrinating new viewers into our sport.

Could it be then that the worst thing possible for AMA Pro Racing could be its saving grace? Time will tell on this one, but you can watch the whole Daytona 200 right here, as an embeddable video. Now that’s pretty cool.

Daytona 200 – AMA Daytona SportBike:

AMA Pro Superbike Race 1:

Source: AMA Pro Racing

  • I like it. Speed never really did anything for them. And if I never have to hear Shaheen’s voice ever again, I’m happy. Now if they’d just take WSBK’s rule book and used it 100%..

  • I didn’t even consider the lack of television being a positive for the sport, but after watching the 200 and other AMA races this weekend, it very may well do that. Not only in the United States, but across the world. Tweets were coming in constantly about “foreigners” being able to watch the races now considering they couldn’t before because they didn’t get CBSSports Network.

    The stream worked fairly well, but in Superbike Race 1, the stream froze on the penultimate lap and I missed Hayden nearly beating Hayes at the finish. I was very irked by the lack of HD. It may seem like small potatoes, but honestly it wasn’t even SD. It was below that. If you enlarged the video to even standard laptop size it was nearly unrecognizable. I couldn’t see the title sponsor on Eslick’s bike. Love the YouTube integration, and they should see about getting all the videos up as soon as possible (ie. the day of or day after completion).

    I would welcome in-race commercials if it meant that they would be able to ramp up the HD video feed. It would also give a sort of breather/break from the sometimes long-winded (though great) announcers. At times, they bumbled on not because they weren’t good but because they simply had nothing else to talk about.

  • KSW

    OK, so I clicked over to Mark’s story and read. If you had the right combination of browser, os and third party plugins all working in harmony you saw the race online.

    How, with more staff than credentialed media and DMG denying credentials (as usual) at the track is what they are doing good? I guess the model is to kick everyone off the series and provide the content internally. I was brought to the PGA Tour in 1990 to do just that for them. I told them there Idea would not work as the working press would walk away as they did. Perhaps the problem is that none of the legitimate press i.e.. AP/Reuters etc. cover the event and the magazines keep showing up regardless? The magazines, FYI, have no budget, limited staff and are relying on teams and manufacturers for content. Paying contributors is another issue in the current model. At IMS Long Beach a long time journalist said the he was unemployed. No, he’s not unemployed he’s just not been paid in months.

    I do hope things change in the world of motorcycling but as I saw in Daytona just days ago, the working press was on the outside looking in and friends of the track where given full access. That my friends is the state of media in motorcycling.

    So, now you have some basic, as only a broke, non planning DMG could do, last minute video feed that made those who are loyal beyond reason to a group of has been, used to bee’s (DMG) in hopes that there own days gone by past might be relieved thru someone else. Play violins now.

    At least Mark didn’t try to take responsibility for the entire thing himself as he did with the Marquez/Baker show earlier in the year.

  • Harb

    If DMG would just copy Dorna’s online video model they’d see increased revenue literally overnight. Capitalizing on the online video model immediately opens up AMA racing to anyone who wants to watch it, regardless of location and what cable providers and networks are available to them.

    I’d sign up for that program in a heartbeat and still try to make the journey to my local round of the series.

  • Harb, I think DMG is going to have to give it away for free for a while. Right now the sport is on the verge of a circulation problem.

    Get the sponsors back into the sport, get the teams and riders back on their feet, and get the fans excited about the series again…and then charge us to watch, la Dorna’s model.

  • EDIT: 3:33pm It appears the AMA have just posted SBK Race 1 on YouTube in 720p. So I would guess they’ll have everything on there.


  • Thanks Ty. I’ve added it to the post.

  • Singletrack

    I was on a ski vacation last week and hoped to watch the Daytona SX on YouTube. Had my laptop and HDMI cable to the bigscreen HD tv. All set, except for the molasses slow Wi-Fi. Pretty much a waste of time.
    Its a brave new world out there, and will take some more time to figure out all the details.

    Wired Magazine had a good column a little while ago.

    ‘Narrowcasting’ of all this racing is great… only if a viewer can find it, and has a high-enough bandwidth connection.

  • CLB

    I for one want to say THANK YOU to the AMA / DMG… whomever for a doing a great job with the live feed.

    I for one support the AMA and go to the races when I can, but have also heaped a fair amount of dung on them lately for their inability to properly promote our sport of roadracing.

    while I didn’t see the opportunity here to begin with… (I assumed is just a way to shut the complainers up for a weekend), I see now that if they could make this happen on each race weekend, may provide an on-line program (with or without sponsors) one is free, one is not and continue this way to get the WORLD watching, they may be on to something.

    Announcing was not all that bad, our racing was GREAT and now replays for everyone to see.

    Things can always be better, but good job on the D-200 !!!

  • I watched Sebring, which only had the start of the race broadcast live on Fox sports 1, which then switched over to baseball spring training, give me a break. They didn’t even broadcast the end of the race Live, they did so a full day later.

    I suppose this isn’t surprising since the series was basically replaced with another series and entirely different cars, so that the Corvette prototype junk could be seen winning another BS race where they have no competition. Of course the only division with some real sponsorship and real competition, the Porsche 912 won, though the BMW and C7R Corvette were close behind.

    The live streaming provided by IMSA on their site was pretty crappy in the standard Feed, continuing breakup when viewership was at its peak, though the individual car fees were pretty solid, at least the ones that were available, many were not.

    There is no way that any kind of motorsport can grow and thrive without a central location where everybody can go and see what they want to watch whenever it’s on. This piecemeal crap is a recipe for driving down interest and viewership across the board.

  • KSW

    OK, just to give a big picture view of what I was on about and the laughing in my head when old bumbling Barry Boone said, “magazines around the world will have this on the site, print, ……”

    A google search for the “2014 Daytona 200” revealed that on the first three search pages the coverage was shown in very limited form in Cycle World, Motorcycle USA, Cycle News and Ultimate Motorcycling. That’s it 4 print magazines. EU clients I contacted weren’t interested in coverage and the 4 who did cover it have either no budget for image/word content or a frozen, years old budget.

    Aaron is right that in order for all of the video to work it has to be centralized, compatible across browsers/os, available on demand in SD minimum HD preferred. Also, up the game to a professional coverage and camera op’s since I know of videographers onsite who could have provided better video.

    They’ve a long way to go and Jens is right that it’s a baby step at best situation and people with money aren’t going to throw it into the DMG pot without serious control over DMG and there nonsensical inbred way of doing business. DMG could start by getting rid of the Nascar members making up the AMA board and bring in some actual motorcycling power players instead of what they did. Otherwise it’s not AMA it’s DMG Nascar.

  • RobR

    How could anyone think DMG IS doing a good job with AMA road racing. Explain this to me. There’s what 4 races on the calendar now! There’s less races now!!! Hey, keep up the great work DMG!!According to these guys your doing a great job!! AWESOME!! Also, Great job losing the T.v. deal, your better off on some Mickey mouse internet site than on CBS sports.

  • Kuddos for getting the feed live.

    But from a usability standpoint the site needs a lot of attention. Many of the races I wouldn’t have even found if not clicking on the actual race discipline. Like you have to click on Flat Track to get the feed…it didn’t show up in live events and other places you might think to look for it.

    And add some text placeholders that give a bit of instruction or prompt you to wait for feeds to load. Sometimes I’m not sure if the feed is inactive or if there’s a race or not.

    It’s a good start, but miles to go. Anyone from AMA reads this and wants thorough feedback please message. Usability is very poor.

  • sunstroke

    This is a solid media platform for growing viewership. DMG could have done a better PR job with the launch, but whatever. Beggars can’t be choosers at this point.

    The internet is a better medium for enthusiasts. No TV executives screwing with the racing. Less compromise to fit into certain time slots. Just gotta increase the number of races, and find some revenue streams.

  • Keith

    Combination of browser and plug-in? HA! zero plug ins, OE (because I don’t like firefox and chrome is a non-starter). Yeah I have a cable connection and am LUCKY to get 5mbps down… So I’m calling bs on those WHINES.

    Could it have been better? yeah, it could. But on the grasping hand it wasn’t any worse than watching Pikes Peak live and had fewer technical glitches…NOT DMG fan, the nascrap boys need to back off and bring in people that know motorcycles. But it wasn’t total suckage and frankly was better coverage than I’ve seen from some broadcast races. But that’s just me.
    p.s. there are 5 more races to go. I suspect they’ve money issues.

  • Bill

    Honestly my feed looked really good with a simple setup. I used an iPad and AirPlay to feed to Apple TV. The video was clear and clean. No tricks or plug ins. I streamed the entire weekend without any issues. I left practice running while I did projects around the house, which may eventually contribute to a divorce, and enjoyed switching cameras at will to see different parts of the track. If this is the future of DMG motorcycle coverage I think it is a huge win.

  • Grey Matter

    Lets see here.. Live streaming – good. Watching Danny Eslick Flippin the bird – Great. World wide viewing availability – Great. No Ralph Shaheen to listen to – Priceless. Now available on Youtube – Great. The lack of watching any other racing on the track than that of the leaders – complete failure, there are other riders on the track besides the Monster riders and the Yosh guys. Main stream advertizing of where the race is being broadcast/streamed- another complete failure. Having only 4 races now 5 in a series for a whole year of racing – unexcusable. Scott Russell (aka-Huckabee Hound, go ahead, compare them voices) back in the booth – good.

    Yes, there is much improvement to be had here but, the racing was available with no commercials and AMA can do what ever thay want and show what ever they want in the footage and you don’t have to pay for it. A win in my book. In order to make this a real series again like it was years ago is going to take rule integration along with safer tracks so BSB or WSBK riders will be tempeted to run in the US once and a while and more races! I’m sure that loosing those west coast races was inpart due to the lack of TV coverage. Maybe next year they will chnage their tunes about the coverage thing. DMG is trying but in some ways I wish they would fail so BSB could make it something again rather than the Frances of NASCAR getting their greedy paws on another racing series they don’t care about. DMG is going to be on the S-list of many race fans and motorcycle enthusiasts until they get their act together and PROVE that motorcycle road racing is important to them to make the right investments of time and man power, two things they seem to need training on.