VIDEO: Mika Kallio Taking out Marco Melandri

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Mika Kallio filled in for the absent Casey Stoner this weekend, and finally got his shot riding with the factory Ducati team. Kallio’s big break would be cut short though, as he had an “incident” with Marco Melandri on the second to last lap, which took both riders out of the race.

In a classic he said, she said, Kallio and Melandri have very different views on what exactly went down. Read the quotes below, watch the video above, and decide for yourself what you saw happen.

Kallio: “Then came the crash with Melandri, who tried to pass me where it was impossible to, so that finally our lines crossed! I didn’t see him coming at all.”

Melandri: “I was passed him and then suddenly I got hit from behind. I’m not sure how he can blame me when I was in front of him. Maybe when he watches the video he will change his mind.”