The Honda TT Legends team has big plans for the 2013 season, and accordingly announced a dream team of riders to race for the factory squad in the World Endurance Championship, Isle of Man TT, and various other road races.

While the EWC team will consist of John McGuinness, Michael Rutter, and Simon Andrews, Michael Dunlop replaces Andrews on Honda TT Legends banner when it comes to road racing events — a huge boon to the young Irish racer, and already a popular move with TT fans.

Nephew to the famous Joey Dunlop, Michael brings some young blood to the Honda squad, and for the promising road racer (Michael already has three TT wins to his name), the support of a factory like Honda, with a factory team, bike, and engineers, is a huge step forward in his career.

We are sure fans will be happy to see the youngest of the two Dunlop boys on a factory ride this season, and from the looks of it, Honda is pretty happy to have Michael on-board as well.

Source: Honda Racing Europe (YouTube)

  • patron

    I’m a huge fan of the Dunlop family. If you haven’t read a little into what Joey has done on, but almost more impressively OFF the track, you really should take a min and look into it. Good on Michael for joining this team. I’ve followed Michaels career a little and love his race style. I just wish he would work on tuning his body a little more. I’ve always felt he is selling himself just a little short being a little portly. Easier said than done I guess, but It really can’t be underestimated the benefits of preparing the body to match the mind and bike in moto racing. Even as a very amateur racer, it really does make a noticeable difference when you train. But that’s just my humble opinion.

  • Brian Wells

    I als am a huge family of the Dunlops having watched them on countless occasions Joey..Robert..Jim..also Frank Kennedy..Mervyn Robinson…Ray Mcullough Brian Reid etc..etc and now Michael and William Dunlop.
    I would also like to wish Michael well on getting a Honda TT legends ride…he really is the most exciting rider on the roads today.
    However regarding his ‘physical’ stature?…I don’t quite agree with what ‘patron’ above says.
    Currently THE most successful road racer having amassed 26 TT Wins along with countless other national and international wins is Joey Dunlop and he was not renowned for his… ‘athleticism’
    The 2nd most successful TT racer and current TT legend with 19 victories is John McGuinness….
    he’d also openly admit …he’s ” carrying a few pounds”.
    Maybe ‘both’ the two most successful TT road racers of all time would have been ‘even more victorious’ with a more athletic body????.
    I’ll leave both their legendary status to speak for itself.

  • Gritboy


  • patron

    John McGuinness’ record of TT wins is insane. And yes he is carrying a bit of extra heft and it hasn’t seemed to affect him too much. But he is straddling two era’s where in one, fitness was more an afterthought, and now where riders are spending off seasons training like top pro athletes. In a sport where the law of diminishing returns is a huge factor, and teams are throwing lots of cash at tenths of seconds, why not grab the easy advantage (slight as it may seem) that’s free and requires almost no money? Just sayin. Either way, chubby or shredded, best of luck to him. He is doing his family name proud.