John Shofner is back with another one of his short films for Bell Helmets, and like the first one, it is some two-wheeled goodness for your Wednesday afternoon. Following JD Beach as he hosts his personal hero Troy Bayliss for a few days flat track fun, it is just another low-key day of playing in the Kentucky mud for these two riders.

It is pretty cool to see two different generations of road course racers come together, and JD is quick to remind us of Troy’s epic wild card victory at the Valencian GP on the Ducat Desmosedici GP6. If this flat track thing looks like your cup of tea, the AMA Pro Flat Track series is going to be live-streamed this year. It’s great two-wheeled racing (even better in person), and we highly recommend you go check it out.







Source: Bell Helmets (YouTube)

  • Gutterslob

    They really should put the words “Troy Bayliss” in a dictionary, as a synonym for “universally loved”. I don’t think there’s anyone out there who has a bad thing to say about the man. Down to earth, blue-collar, rides like a platypus out of hell. I was never a big Ducati fan, but couldn’t help but smile whenever I saw him win on one. And yes, that wildcard win at Valencia on the last ever 990 race bears repeating over and over.

  • Manmachine

    Having recently had a track day with Troy Bayliss I can vouch that he really is as nice as he appears. He genuinely has time for you when you talk to him and does not give you the hurry up. I was lucky to spend some time with him getting some advice on how to setup my Ducati.
    He then went out on track, on various Ducati’s, and I can say the man still has it. He would still be VERY competitive if he decided he wanted to race again.

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    Troy Bayliss definately seems to be a good guy. A lot of the greats seem to be really good people.

    Dirt flat track racing looks awesome. If you lived in the country it looks like it’d be really easy to create a track and go racing with your friends. Just get a tractor with a plow behind it and plow out an oval. …wondering why it has to be an oval? How cool would it be to make a dirt road course?

    …looking at some youtube footage of Nicky Hayden on the dirt track…wondering why riders ride the straights in a one-handed tuck?

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