With the sale of Husqvarna to Pierer Industrie AG, the 2013 Dakar Rally marks the last time that the BMW Group will collaborate with Speedbrain GmbH for its rally and off-road racing duties — a partnership that has lasted since 2006.

Helping commemorate their last outing together, the Speedbrain’s factory-backed Husqvarna team has put together a little tribute video of its final Dakar campaign. Will the team live on with another brand? Only time will tell, but it would seem BMW’s off-road racing days are over.

Source: Husqvarna (YouTube)

  • Bob Krzeszkiewicz

    Will this be the team Cyril Despres will ride for? Anxiously awaiting an announcement from him.

  • Unlikely. Good money is on Honda. HRC just spent a ton of money getting that program together, and now with a year under their belt, they’re ready for a top-talent to ride for them.

  • Spamtastius

    It’s a shame, the BMW G450X is a great bike.

  • Kurt

    Jensen… I beg to differ. BMW and Paris/Dakar victories have been synonymous for years now. I remember my father talking about the Paris Dakar Beemers when I was younger. The GS and its smaller, lighter offspring may still have a few tricks up their collective sleeves. I say we sit back and watch. The ol’ Bavarian Motor Werkes may still have some old tricks for these new dogs.