VIDEO: Brammo TTR Road Testing

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With bullet cams in hand, the Brammo crew headed out to the forrested roads of Oregon to conduct some road tests on the Brammo TTR race bike in preparation for the upcoming TTXGP. Video after the jump.

With a Ducati chase bike in toe, the TTR makes short work of the mountain roads, and shows off what instant torque can do to a spaghetti factory bike. 

From the man himself, Craig Bramshcer:

“…just outside of Ashland on our “test circuit” 60 miles, changing over 4,000 feet up to the mountain lakes. Great riding, turn right out our front door, enjoy the twisties. Left back into the driveway, repeat as necessary!”

Its hard to grasp just how fast the TTR is going without telemetry or a dash view, but it looks like a fairly spirited pace, that we’re sure conforms to the posted road signs. With the Brammo crew already over at the Isle of Man TT, it should only be a matter of time before we can show you footage of the TTR going full clip around the Island’s course.

By the way, that’s over the double yellow line at 0:50 guys. Looks like someone is taking their IOM training seriously.