What Does Valentino Rossi’s Mugello Helmet Mean?

07/14/2012 @ 2:53 am, by Jensen Beeler14 COMMENTS

I wish I could take credit for having such a deep understanding of Italian culture that the meaning behind Rossi’s Mugello helmet was self-evident, but the credit belongs to Ducati Corse’s PR man, Chris Jonnum. After seeing Alex Brigg’s tweet that featured Rossi’s new helmet design, CJ was kind enough to connect the dots for us on the meaning behind the special Mugello helmet. And let me tell you, as non-Italian, the trail would not have been easy to follow without his help. Get the inside scoop on Rossi’s lid after the jump.

Featured on the top of the helmet is Italian singer, actor, and television host Gianni Morandi. Morandi is something of big deal in the country shaped like a boot, having sold 49 million records worldwide and generally putting light Italian music on the map, so to speak. Circumscribing the photo of Morandi is a ring of flowers, which hail from the city of Sanremo, which CJ tells us is also known as the City of Flowers, since it has been in the business of selling flower year-round since the late 9th century.

Known for the Sanremo Festival, the city hosts one of Italy’s major musical events, and is unsurprisingly characterized by the flowers, which as we have said, the city is also famous for growing. During the 2012 Sanremo Festival, Gianni Morandi was ordering around his work crew and serendipitously coined the now famous motto “restiamo uniti” (also seen on the helmet), which literally translates into “let’s stick together” in Italian. While this is where CJ leaves us to conclude the meaning of the helmet as it relates to Valentino Rossi, we think it speaks pretty loudly for itself.

With Rossi talking very favorably this week about his meeting with Audi’s executives, it seems increasingly likely that the nine-time World Champion will stay on with Ducati Corse for at least another season, despite all the trouble he and his team have had with the GP11 & GP12 race bikes. The bigger question now is whom will be his teammate, Cal or Nicky. For that, only time will tell.

Source: Ducati Corse

  • Skeptical

    Would you think that Rossi wants to stick together with Ducati, or he is telling his fans, some of who thinks that Rossi is over, others still carrying some hope, to stick together with Rossi. That he is not over yet, and expect the unexpected. Well, at least, that’s what I wanted to understand from “restiamo unity” message.

    You’ve been dearly missed, Vale.

  • Kevin

    In the words of SNL’s Church Lady, “Well now, isn’t that special?”

  • According to Alessio Salucci, so about as informed as we’re likely to get, it’s to Rossi’s fans, not Ducati.

  • Bob

    I think I am going to follow Nicky going forward, I am tired of the Ducati arrogance.

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  • Micahel

    So if you follow an Italian translation in the comments on the second video from Monster Energy about the helmets, this is the song that is referenced by Vale, by the Italian singer Gianni Morandi. Something about being jealous about seeing a lover in another hands, and if he see’s the man again “I’ll break is nose.”

    The video is hilarious.

  • JoeKing

    Obviously Rossi hasn’t engaged the services of a PR firm. Because if he had, they would have told him what he is doing by drawing attention to himself with nonsense like flowers & 60’s Italian icons(?) (what next Mario Lanza..Volare) is further tarnishing what little is left of his previously unassailable image.

    Continuing this soap opera as to where he will ride next year has become a tedious distaction. Stay or go..who cares….like he’ll ever win again.

    Hopefully, he stays with Ducati, (or better retires) at least he has an excuse…think if he actually does go to Yamaha or some Honda arrangement & STILL finishes mid pack. Sadly, speaking as an admirer of the rider formerly known as Rossi at Phillips Island 2003, he is rapidly replacing the G.O.A.T sobriquet with J.O.A.T (Joke of all time)..pathetic.

  • Being a little harsh their JoeKing.

  • irksome

    Golly, and here I thought it was an homage to Jerry Lewis.

  • Daniel

    As an Italian follower of this great website, I just want to correct a little typo.. It’s “restiamo unitI”, not unity..
    Ah, the youtube link from Micahel redirect to a song that can be roughly translated as “have your mother send you to pick up milk”. Now you can stop wondering why the hell a dozen of guys were drinking from glass mil bottles and dancing..

  • Thanks Daniel, I’m blaming that one on Apple’s autocorrect.

  • johnc

    cj is the best!!!

  • pooch

    You’ve got to hand it to the guy when he can still carry on with this kind of light hearted fluff when all around him is shit.

  • paulus

    Get another season… get another big bunch of millions of Euro’s.
    Good luck to the man!
    Doing what he loves, having fun… somebody else paying the bills for it.