Valentino Rossi Starts the VR|46 Riders Academy

03/13/2014 @ 3:37 pm, by Jensen Beeler8 COMMENTS


“Get them while they’re young” — it worked for the cigarette industry, and the maxim holds true for motorcycle racing as well. Creating an effective system to cultivate and train young riders is the single largest reason that today we see Spanish riders dominating Grand Prix racing.

A system built in large part by the Godfather of Roadracing, Kenny Roberts Sr. himself, Spanish riders have enjoyed a federation that supports young riders and paces them throughout their career. The process has been so effective that the Italians have recently set to copying it, with their star pupil being Moto3’s Romano Fenati.

For the 2014 season, Fenati will be aboard the SKY Racing Team by VR|46, so it should come as little surprise that the personal brand of Valentino Rossi is lending its weight further to finding the next G.O.A.T. As such, the VR|46 Riders Academy has been established by Rossi and a crew of top-level instructors.

For its inaugural class the VR|46 Riders Academy will support six riders: Franco Morbidelli, Luca Marini, Andrea Migno, Nicolò Bulega, Romano Fenati, and Pecco Bagnaia. Riding at Rossi’s “Ranch” in Tavullia, Rossi will work with each rider to develop both physical and psychological curriculums for their racing development.

Helping Rossi will be a team of experienced coaches and professionals, who will manage the camp’s relationships with motorsport teams, the rider’s racing logistics, and the contractual support come silly season time. These same individuals will also be responsible for all of the physical and administrative needs of the racers.

In essence, these six racers will have every aspect of their career assisted by Valentino Rossi and his staff — a huge boon for any aspiring GP star. We expect future slots of the VR|46 Riders Academy will be highly competitive for young Italian racers, but those who enter the Academy to be well-placed for a career in racing.

If only the AMA, or another American entity, could create such a program for the deep wells of talent that we have racing here in the United States, then young American motorcycle racers could truly be on an equal playing field with their European counterparts.

Source: VR|46

  • L2C

    Looking forward this year to seeing Fenati back at the front in Moto3. Honda really let him down last year, after such a brilliant debut the previous year.

    Good on Rossi.

  • zipidachimp

    AMA ? devoid of imagination, no TV for pro racers or fans, manipulated races(flags), you mean ‘THAT’ AMA ?

  • smiler

    Well someone has to fight the evil empire of Iberia. As usual is it Vale.

  • Kaw4Life

    Makes me wish I was 10 and Italian :-)

    Oh well, 49 and not. Guess I stick with 4-5 track days a year.

  • Westward

    @ Kaw4Life

    But what if they make you ride a Yamaha?

    I see a theoretical dilemma for you…

  • JoeD

    The last paragraph is golden.

  • Idgy

    American version = Michael Jordan’s $ + Nicky Hayden’s skills

    Lets go guys!

  • donno

    It is pretty ironic that Spain is successful in bringing out talents with system put in place by Kenny Roberts Sr while USA has no system at all…