Valentino Rossi Says Two More Years in MotoGP

05/17/2012 @ 1:32 pm, by Jensen Beeler15 COMMENTS

Coming on the heels of the news that Casey Stoner will retire from MotoGP at the end of the 2012 season, Valentino Rossi was pitched a question on the same vein at Thursday’s press conference.

Asked how much longer he planned on racing in the premier class, Rossi replied that he no plans of following the reigning-World Champion into retirement, and would like to spend two more years in the Championship.

“For me it’s very difficult to understand where the news starts because I never speak about my retirement, and I want to race in MotoGP for the next two years for sure,” said Rossi at the press conference in Le Mans.

This news is surely to mean that Rossi is looking for another tw0-year contract from MotoGP teams, and while Ducati Corse is surely at the top of the list, Stoner’s departure from Repsol Honda means that HRC’s hat must also be tossed into the ring for consideration.

While Rossi didn’t leave Honda under the best of terms at the end of the 2003 season, HRC MotoGP boss Shuhei Nakamoto has said not to rule out The Doctor’s return to the team’s ranks. Your 2012 MotoGP silly season just got interesting.

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  • Bob

    I’d bet that Marc Marquez will replace Stoner in 2013. Repsol would be chuffed if the Spanish duo of Pedrosa and Marquez were able to be successful on the Honda.
    Recently, quite a few MotoGP ‘insiders’ have come to the conclusion that the only smart move for Rossi would be to stay with Ducati and work as hard as he can to get consistent podiums.

  • jimmysmithJR

    Marquez can’t in 2013. Rules forbid Factory rides for rooks.

  • Westward

    Rules in MotoGP seem to change on a whim. Meaning Marquez could join Repsol in Moto1 in 2013 once Stoner leaves. However, it is also unlikely that he will win it all during his rookie campaign.

    Since everyone’s contract is up, HRC could wrestle Lorenzo away from Yamaha. Either way, it’s almost assures Lorenzo to regain his title, since Pedrosa can’t seem to beat him. That is, unless Rossi and company get the Ducati sorted, or goes back to Yamaha.

    I don’t see Rossi at HRC, after Nakamoto said, now is the time for Rossi to prove the rider is more important than the bike. Methinks Nakamoto is going to have to eat those words.

    Rossi doesn’t need HRC the same way HRC needs Rossi. Besides

  • Neil

    How about Hayden and Honda again !!!

  • Hope Rossi becomes competitive on the Duc this year and has a great year in 2013 riding the GP13. Motogp needs as many top riders as possible cause it’s slowly turning into F1 on two wheels…..

  • John

    Don’t forget Jorge Lorenzo joined Fiat Yamaha as a rookie

  • Laurence Sandman

    Mmmmm…. Maybe Suzuki or Kawasaki might make an unscheduled return to MotoGP with Rossi?Dream on….

  • Adam

    Rossi will be with Ducati until 2014, he has too if he doesn’t then the partner ship will be a failure. and neither him nor Ducati want that. new engine for Laguna Seca and now new parts to test next week, it sounds like Ducati got the message from Rossi’s blow up, and after a top level meeting in jerez they seem to be heading in the direction he wants. as for the open seat at Honda, this will surely be filled by Marques. Honda will push to have the rookie rule lifted, but this will mean that Honda will have to give in to one of Dorna’s rule changes… it’s only fair.

  • ben

    How sad it is to see,
    A man like Rossi
    still floundering around
    at 33
    on a crap Ducati!

    when a man like stoner
    has showed he owns ya
    then leaves in a huff
    but will still flog the pants off everyone else this year cause he has gonads the size of basketballs.

  • sburns2421

    With the current rule structure, Honda could hire Marquez for Repsol Honda in 2013, but only if they do not offer customer bikes. Bautista rode for Rizla Suzuki his rookie year because all Suzuki had were two (factory) bikes in the field.

  • That’s not how it works at all sburns. Suzuki was given a special dispensation from the MSMA in allowing Bautista to ride for the team his rookie year, basically because the Suzuki wasn’t on par with the other factory bikes.

    The only way Marquez will wind up in the Repsol Honda garage is if the Rookie Rule gets repealed, and that action would be very telling as to whom is calling the shots in MotoGP.

  • Westward

    I don’t really think there is much of an illusion who is calling the shots. The 800 era was a Honda inspired situation, and if that is not enough, all you have to do is look at Moto2…

  • sburns2421

    Suzuki was exempt from the rookie rule because the only bikes they had on the grid were the two factory machines for the Rizla team. Their special compensation for being behind was extra engines (3 extra IIRC) agreed by the teams later in the year 2010 when it was obvious Suzuki was going through engines like Rush went through oxycontin.

    If you think about, there almost has to be an exception with regards to this. For a manufacturer with only two bikes on the grid, without an exception they are unable to sign rookies entirely.

    At any rate, the likelihood of Honda going to two bikes is obviously very small. Assumin Marquez signs with Honda he will no doubt be on a San Carlos Gresini Honda in full HRC spec like Simoncelli was his rookie year.

  • Glenn Plummer

    After meetings between Ducati Racing, Filippo Preziosi and Vale, Rossi tells us he would like to spend the rest of his Moto GP time with Ducati. It’s pretty clear Rossi was hired to make Ducati a winner. It’s clear now that Ducati had to sit Filippo down. This guy has blown off everything Rossi suggested in order to prove his carbon fiber B.S. It’s hard to beleive the Heads didn’t see what was going on, but maybe in a few races Ducati will start making progress. Valintino is an old fart, but He’s not a tenth place rider, this guy should be top five all the time. Shouldn’t he?

  • Glenn Plummer

    Gresini has all but given up on leased Honda’s and is moving to CRT. If Honda wants Marquez on the Gresini team their gonna have to make some great deals on lease bikes. Interesting, the beginning of the end for CRT.