The Isle of Man TT is only a few weeks away from starting, so naturally we want to whet your appetite for one of motorcycling’s greatest events. Here is the TT from a slightly different perspective though, called “TT Microworlds” — the work product of Manx film producer Glenn Whorrall.

Using a tilt-shift filiming technique, which creates a narrow band on the frame where the shot is in focus, Whorrall has employed the simple effect to make the Isle of Man TT look as if it was being done in miniature form, perhaps in a hobbyist’s workshop.

Hardcore cinefiles will probably deride the extensive use of the sometimes gimmicky technique, but we just like anything that has to do with racing motorcycles. For the few minutes of your time, it’s worth a watch.

“I’m a passionate TT fan and wanted to create something different that shows off the event,” said Whorrall. “It’s very difficult to sum up all of the action that goes on during the two week festival in just two and a half minutes but hopefully my film will give people who know the event a different perspective and people who don’t an idea of what it’s about.”

Those attending the TT can catch “TT Microworlds” as the trailer ahead of the public screening of “Road” which is a documentary about the Dunlop family.

Source: IOMTT

  • L2C

    Bite-sized grid girls!!!

  • Absolutely love this type of photography! I hate it when ‘photographers’ look down at different styles, isn’t taking photos all about being creative?

    And using a tilt-shift lens properly isn’t something anyone can do. Nice find lads!

  • Lewis Dawson

    There goes two minutes of my life that I will never get back… LOL.