Bonneville: Microclimate of the Salts Video

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It’s been a tough season on the Bonneville Salt Flats, as the weather has played havoc on the narrow window that land-speed record pursuers have to operate. One of the groups looking to make history is Triumph, which is looking to break the 400 mph mark on a motorcycle.

Campaigning the Triumph Castrol Rocket, with Jason DiSalvo at the helm, Triumph hoped to be speeding down the salt these past few weeks, but instead the team has been rained out of competition thus far.

There are still opportunities remaining this year for the Triumph Castrol Rocket squad, the next being the rescheduled Mike Cook’s Bonneville Shootout, which will take place on October 5th thru 10th, where the streamliners two Triumph Rocket III engines will roar again search for the outright two-wheeled record.

“This is part of the challenge of land speed competition,” said Matt Sheahan, Chief Operating Officer for Triumph Motorcycles America. “Everything needs to align, especially the weather. In this case, we were not so fortunate, but Triumph hopes that the weather breaks long enough and affords us the opportunity to return to Bonneville at the beginning of October.”

An unfortunate circumstance for Triumph, but at least we get this awesomely shot video out of the dramatic weather at Bonneville.

Hot Rod Conspiracy/Carpenter Racing “Castrol Rocket” Photos:

Castrol Rocket Build Photos:

Jason DiSalvo Testing the Castrol Rocket at Bonneville:

Source: Triumph Castrol Rocket