Watch: The Unrideables

05/13/2013 @ 11:54 am, by Jensen Beeler9 COMMENTS


If you missed the glory days of when Americans dominated Grand Prix motorcycle racing, or simply want to relive the moments from yesteryear, then we have the perfect treat for you this Monday afternoon. A television production by Britain’s ITV4, The Unrideables is a 45-minute trip down memory lane with Randy Mamola, Eddie Lawson, Wayne Gardner, Kevin Schwantz, and many others.

Focusing on the racing from the late-1980’s, we get to hear the riders and journalists of the time recount their victories and defeats on the 500cc two-strone monsters of that era. It is a really well done piece by ITV4, and it is really a shame we can’t get similar programming here in the United States. A big thanks to whomever put it up on YouTube, and thanks to all our tipsters who pointed it out to us.

Source: YouTube

  • TheSwede

    Please please please, can we get rid of traction control in MotoGP already?

  • Faust

    I don’t know, traction control has definitely changed the sport. These days you are starting to see guys who are used to traction control, and never really rode a big bike without it. I think the younger crop of riders (like Marquez) are showing you can still have exiting racing with tc

  • Gutterslob

    Wait!! You have an “Anonymous Tips” page?! That a new thing or have I just been behind the times?
    I’ve seen The Unrideables already. Excellent stuff. Didn’t know it was up on Youtube, though.

    I miss em strokers :(

  • Tanker Man

    Great stuff!

  • Great racing. Great video. I loved that era of the 500s.

  • Slangbuster

    What a wonderful piece of history that was with some great insight from the most talented riders in the world of the day. So much has changed and I can only wonder where we we be in another 15 years. Thanks for posting this, it was fantastic to see.

  • TexusTim

    love it,I grew up riding two strokes my favorite bike back then was my 1974 rd 350 got it brand new for my 17 birthday in 77 I was offerd a race bike and didnt think I was ready a few years later I became a single parent and for the next 16 years i basicaly had to give it up so during that time I read about these guys and watched whatever I could find back then but there wasnt much U.S. tv exposure but here in Texas we have a lot of tracks and many of these american riders started racing here…Swantz,edwards,hayden,spies the list is extensive…must be the heat and rough tracks, you go fast in texas and you may end up in europe…theres a history here and now we have COTA the day will come when we have more home grown riders comming up with a track like that right here !

  • Chaz Michael Michaels

    Very awesome. I’ve watched it twice already. This takes me back to high school days when I could only read about the races magazines at newstands. Once in a blue moon I might catch a race on TV. To me, this is the beginning of when the bikes looked really, really cool.

    I always liked Randy Mamola but he went up a bunch of pegs. That guy was awesome.

    This kind of reminds me of the video pass I bought from I just re-watched all the races from the 2006 season last Sunday.

  • “I just re-watched all the races from the 2006 season last Sunday.”

    Go back and watch 2001 @ Phillip Island. In my opinion, it ranks as one of THE great 500 races of all time.