Tech3 Wall Continues On with Spies and Edwards

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As the relationshit between Colin Edwards and James Toseland came to a crashing halt during the 2009 season, the Monster Yamaha Tech3 garage found a proverbial and literal wall erected, dividing the team in two. Now despite the cordial relationship between Edwards and newcomer Ben Spies, comes confirmation that the wall will continue its presence as the 3rd teammate in the Tech3 camp.

Imploring that the wall is for practical reasons, and not because of a rift or atmosphere change in the Tech3 garage, team owner Herve Poncharal told that, “firstly, our wall is only a half wall, because you can go from one garage to another without going outside, which is not the case with others, and at the moment Colin and Ben are best of friends, so it is nothing to do with the atmosphere inside the garage.”

Poncharal continued on to explain the practical reasons behind having a wall in the pit garage:

“The wall makes sense. Everybody needs to work in a quiet environment. You don’t want people invited by one rider disturbing the other rider and it also gives us more visibility for the sponsors. It worked very well this year. It doesn’t matter about the relationship between the riders. It is not linked at all with this. It is about being more professional in the way that we work. Each rider needs to concentrate on what he is doing. Less people and less movement around a rider helps with this, especially in the middle of practice.”

The continued use of the wall means another season with an entirely divided Yamaha paddock.