Wanted: Tall, Leggy, Blonde who is capable of holding an umbrella….and looking really good while she does it. Bonus if you’re French.

The MotoGP Tech 3 Yamaha Team is looking for Umbrella Girls. An ideal candidate will be available all the Sunday races of the MotoGP Championship Calendar, in the country of your choice. If you are tall and slim and enjoy the smell of race fuel, please inquire within (with Tech3, not A&R. Our standards are much lower…no umbrella holding experience necessary).

Source: Tech3

Excusez-moi mademoiselle, ça vous arrive d’embrasser des inconnus ? Non ? Eh bien laissez-moi me présenter?

  • Cheeky-Charlie ;-)

    ok, im interested in this, could you give me an idea height, and age, also, do you have to have an agent in order to become an umbrella girl? if you could get back to meon them please, that would be great x

  • Im very interested in this! Please e mail me( katyfrisch@gmail.com) so I could send you some picture and tell you a lill about me and who I am! I dont think you will regret it! Im what your looking for ;-)

  • Lydia Sixx

    OK, I have decided it is now my life long goal to become an Umbrella girl but I really don’t know how to go about it. I know I’ve got what it takes!


  • ~*Kristi*~

    Bonjour! I was online searching USGP photos, and I came across this article. Too bad it is from last season. ;) Hi Olivier!

  • Brittany Nicole

    I am very interested in this! I have done some of the Races in the past and love it! I will be at the MotoGP in Indy coming up…. please send me an address to submit photos and a bio to. Thank you ;)

  • I have always been inspired to become a umbrella girl. I am a motorcycle fanatic and wouldn’t mind networking and representing a fabulous company either.

    I am a Food & Wine critic, a Makeup Artist, a Marketing Rep., a CK Specialist, I am a mixed-Asian chick whom stands 5 6′ and weights in at 125, can speak both Vietmamese and English, cute, smart, knows “how to” socialize, not afraid to talk and come up to people, has a bubbly personality, straight teeth, beautiful smile, brown eyes that is alluring, killer look, so why is it so hard for me to become one??? I heard you have to know the people to get into the company…is that true???

  • X Kimmy X

    I am really interested in this!! please could you email me more details!! i think i suit all your needs!

  • X Kimmy X

    I am really interested in this!! please could you email me more details please!! i think i suit all your needs! :)