Runners-up in the 2012 TT Zero race at the Isle of Man TT, newcomer Team Mugen made quite the stir with its Shinden (神電) electric race bike, which was piloted by none other than TT great John McGuinness.

Announcing its intention to return for the 2013 TT Zero event, Mugen again confirms McPint as the team’s rider, and boasts of an even lighter and more refined Shinden Ni (神電弐つ), or Shinden 2, electric motorcycle.

Light on details with its new race bike, Mugen only mentions that the team has developed the Shinden Ni from the original Shinden, which has resulted in the weight of the motorcycle body and electric systems being reduced (read: less battery mass).

Mugen also says that the electric motor and aerodynamics of the motorcycle have also been analyzed and modified to make the Shinden Ni a more potent adversary.

Two miles-per-hour off the winning pace set by Michael Rutter on the 2012 MotoCzysz E1pc (which we rode late last year), McGuinness and Mugen should again be worthy and formidable opponents for the MotoCzysz team.

But, we hear Michael Czysz and his crew haven’t exactly been sleeping away the winter months up in Portland, Oregon either. Good stuff. The 2013 TT Zero race kicks off Wednesday, June 5th.

Photos of the 2012 Mugen Shinden:

Source: Team Mugen; Photos: © 2012 Jensen Beeler / Asphalt & Rubber – Creative Commons – Attribution 3.0

  • Gutterslob

    Go Mugen!! …. and all the other electrics!!

    I’ll admit they’re the future (better electrics than diesels, I say), but I still find it uncomfortably eerie watching such silent racing.

  • Dr. Gellar

    I’m excited to see both Mugen’s and MotoCzysz’s 2013 machines. Would be nice too to see another electric bike or two duking it out with them (competitively) for a win at the IOM this year.

    I find myself being much more excited for news about electric road-racing than for MotoGP,which I have followed avidly for about 27 years. The sad state of that series has a lot to do with it…

  • Richard Gozinya

    Would love to see more teams getting in on this stuff. Not sure how much cross-pollination there is at BMW, but with all their recent work on electric cars, might be cool to see Motorrad get in on the action. Or maybe Erik Buell teaming up with some geeks from MIT. Though really, some total unknown coming in and knocking MotoCzysz and Mugen down a peg would be extremely fun to see.

  • Rear brake on the left hand, no foot controls. Very cool and certainly an advantage for corner entry.