Team Mugen Confirms 2015 IOMTT Entry with Shinden Yon

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A bit of a formality, since rider John McGuinness already spilled the beans in December last year, but Team Mugen has confirmed its entry into the 2015 Isle of Man TT.

Mugen will have a new bike at the contest, named the Shinden Yon, “Yon” being “four” in Japanese, and the bike being the company’s fourth TT racer — like its lap times, Mugen’s engineers are very consitent with their naming conventions.

Little is known about the Shinden Yon, and Mugen is saying only that the machine is “newly developed to improve over last year’s model.

Riding the Mugen Shinden Yon will be last year’s race winner John McGuinness, and his teammate Bruce Anstey, who finished in second place at last year’s Isle of Man TT.

The duo will be looking to best last year’s record lap of 117.366 mph, which is a tall order for certain. We imagine Team Mugen will be shooting to break the 120 mph mark this year, which would put the electric bike team squarely in the supersport speed territory — something we doubt detractors would have predicted just several years ago.

It remains to be seen who will challenge Mugen this year at the Isle of Man, though The Ohio State University “Buckeye Current” college team did a wonderful job rounding out the 2014 podium with Rob Barber last year.

We will get our first glimpse of the 2015 Mugen Shinden Yon at the Tokyo Motorcycle Show in March, unless of course our Bothan spies can dig up something earlier, as they so often do.

Source: Team Mugen