Sylvain Guintoli Explains How to Use the Rear Brake on the Track

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Sylvain Guintoli continues to make YouTube gold during the coronavirus lockdown, producing some great informational videos to help you when you get back on the race track.

Today’s edition sees the Frenchman breaking down how to use the rear brake on the race track.

Unlike Guintoli’s last installment, which was geared more towards beginning track riders, today Guinters tackles a pretty high-level topic for experienced track riders and racers, though we think riders of all skill levels will benefit from hearing it.

As you will see in the video, if you watch all the way to the end, using the rear brake is as much a style preference, as it is dependent on the type of bike being ridden.

If you aren’t following Guintoli on YouTube right now, you really should. He’s making one of the best channels about riding motorcycles and is a legit authority.

And if you like this type of video, we highly recommend his explanation about the “leg dangle” we are seeing now in the sport. It’s the best coverage on the topic we’ve seen yet.

Source: Sylvain Guintoli (YouTube)

Jensen Beeler

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