Suter Working on S1000RR Based MotoGP Bike

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Eskil Suter is a popular man in the Moto2 paddock. Not only is his Moto2 chassis one of the cheapest, but it’s also one of the best performing units. It should be no surprise then that his Moto2 solution (shown above) is one of the most popular in the race series, and Suter sees that as a great jumping off point to enter back into the MotoGP fray (Suter helped engineer the Kawasaki ZX-RR, the Ilmor X3, and the Petronas FP1 SBK race bikes).

With the MotoGP rules in 2012 to allow for claiming rule teams, the door has been opened for a Moto2 styled team (production motor in a prototype frame) to play with the big boys. Suter for his part is looking to draw on his current chassis success, and base his design around the very potent BMW S1000RR motor. The result should be a fairly inexpensive solution to a high-performance race bike as the S1000RR has been popping up on the internet with 190hp stock.

Given the extra fuel (24L, up from 21L for other teams), and twice as many motors during the season (12 motors instead of 6), the claiming rule teams are being given some choice concessions from the GP Commission, and Suter is banking on the fact that it will give them a competitive edge when racing against the factory and satellite prototype teams.

Rumors peg Suter as nearing completion of its 2012 MotoGP bike, with the first tests expected at Brno later in August. Riding the Suter MotoGP bike is Roberto Rolfo.

Source: Moto.Caradisiac